Slices of Me

For a long time, I really didn’t go anywhere without my kids. I didn’t have much going on outside my life at home. It’s funny because day to day I didn’t realize this – I just carried on with life & was happy.

But then I’d have moments where I’d go somewhere on my own or be alone in the car listening to favorite music & it would hit me. This part of me that didn’t exist anymore came rushing back. Songs bring back memories of a past me & great memories of different stages of life.

These moments made me realize that being a stay at home mom had left me feeling isolated & often like I had lost part of myself. That the mom Becky had taken over the entire Becky existence. That’s not to say I don’t love being a SAH mom – because I do. But my creative, independent voice had been lost.

Starting my blog has changed that. Even though I’m still at home with the kids, I have amazing projects to work on & people to interact with on social media. The isolation is lifted, my creativity is back & so is my voice. It’s been fun to build something that is just mine – an extension of me. Something that exists outside of my house & family.