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Slices of Me

For a long time, I really didn’t go anywhere without my kids. I didn’t have much going on outside my life at home. It’s funny because day to day I didn’t realize this – I just carried on with life & was happy.

But then I’d have moments where I’d go somewhere on my own or be alone in the car listening to favorite music & it would hit me. This part of me that didn’t exist anymore came rushing back. Songs bring back memories of a past me & great memories of different stages of life.

These moments made me realize that being a stay at home mom had left me feeling isolated & often like I had lost part of myself. That the mom Becky had taken over the entire Becky existence. That’s not to say I don’t love being a SAH mom – because I do. But my creative, independent voice had been lost.

Starting my blog has changed that. Even though I’m still at home with the kids, I have amazing projects to work on & people to interact with on social media. The isolation is lifted, my creativity is back & so is my voice. It’s been fun to build something that is just mine – an extension of me. Something that exists outside of my house & family.

After starting Cuddle Fairy, I’ve attended several events in Galway with the ITWBN. I’ve enjoyed every event so much & have learned so much! Being off on my own without the family has brought back pieces of me.

A few weeks ago I had an appointment to attend on my own & it was an hour & a half drive each way. I spent the entire time singing my favourite songs. The time flew by & I felt like I had gone back in time, back through my memories.

Each song felt like a slice of me. A little reminder of a moment from the past.

It’s amazing how music can bring back memories so strong that it’s like a past self has returned for a visit. This song by OAR, Crazy Game of Poker, will forever remind me of college.

I’m reflecting on my life over the past 37 years because today is my birthday!  And, Cuddle Fairy turns 1 on the 27th of March. So much has happened when I think back to being little, starting school, college, moving to NYC, moving to Ireland, having three kids & starting my blog last year…they are each a slice of me & memories I’ll treasure forever.

Do you have any songs that will forever bring back certain memories or feelings?


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