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St. Tropez Review – 1 Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse

*Sponsored by St. Tropez

I have something new and exciting for you today. Cuddle Fairy is diving into the fun world of beauty blogging! St. Tropez was looking for bloggers who are new to using tan products – that’s me! They sent me two bottles of their St. Tropez gradual one-minute pre-shower tanning mousse to try out over the course of 3 days.

I can count on one hand the number of times I used a tanning product in the past. I had three main issues with the product I used which stopped me from using tan products again. Namely, they were – my skin feeling itchy, the smell on my body & sheets and it coming out with dark and light splotches, particularly around elbows, knees, hands & feet.

So I’ve carried on since without any tan products! Living in the West of Ireland I am sheet of paper white most of the year so when it comes time for a wedding or night out I’d really like to have the option of looking less pale and maybe even have a nice tan to my skin!

St. Tropez 1 Minute Pre Shower Tanning Mousse

This gradual tanning product builds slowly over the course of three days. You apply the mousse before your daily shower. Then wait one minute, then shower as usual!

The beauty of this is that there’s zero tan smell on you or your sheets AND no transfer of colour. You can use it day or night. It can be applied with or without a mitt.

The tan colour builds over the next 8-hours. Then the next day you add the tan again before your shower. It builds slowly. For a darker tan faster, you can leave the St. Tropez pre-shower tanning mousse on for 3-5 minutes instead of 1 minute.

When you reach the colour you like, then you skip a day or two of use and can maintain the colour you have. Or continue to use it daily until you the depth of tan you’d like.

The mousse contains jojoba and vitamin E so it’s a moisturizer and tan in one. The tan enhancers are vegan-friendly & 100% naturally derived DHA which penetrates the skin deeper and faster for a natural glow.

My Experience

1st Application: My first impression was how lovely the St. Tropez mousse smells! To me, it smells like shampoo and doesn’t have any hint of the typical tan smell. This is a HUGE plus for me!

I chose to use a mitt to apply it to my body and used my fingers on my face. The application was super easy thanks to the mousse, the product was easy to spread around. It has a sticky feel to it on the skin after application and before showering. After the shower, there was no feeling of product on my skin.

The colour the next day was a nice glow with a light tan. The photo below shows you my before tan and 24 hours after using my first application…

2nd Application: I was still over the moon at the lack of smell, lack of stains and I noticed my skin feeling soft and smooth from the mousse. I didn’t use any moisturizer along with St. Tropez so I can thank their tanning mousse for the moisturizing.

The day after the second application I could really see the tan coming out and building into a lovely colour. It’s not orangey at all, which is great. And the mousse seems to get the colour everywhere evenly without leaving patches of light or dark.

3rd Application: The day after the third application I was thrilled with the lovely, natural tan and glow to my skin. Happily, I had no itchy feeling on my skin like I did with products in the past. The tan is even, smooth and moisturizing. There’s no smell and no stains so it gets two thumbs up from me.

All of the photos in this post and video below are photos of me without filters and without makeup so, you can properly see the tan in action.

It truly is a gradual tan product so you can build to the colour you want to have. If you want a darker colour faster you can leave it on longer before showering.

See the St. Tropez 1 Minute Tan in Action

I documented my experience with St. Tropez 1 Minute tan in a YouTube video. Watch as I open the tan and share my first impressions, then use it for 3 days. Watch as the tan builds…

As you can see from the video, I’m really delighted with this product. I will use St. Tropez pre-shower mousse in the lead up to a family wedding next month so I have a nice, natural tan and glow to my skin. It’s available from Boots, Littlewoods, Tesco & many other stores. For a night out, it’s ideal and quick to use and completes the full look with hair extensions and a dress.

Giveaway - CLOSED

I’m excited to host a giveaway to win a St. Tropez product hamper!! Included are the gorgeous tanning products in the photo above! Enter the giveaway via the Gleam app below. You may enter as many options as you like & some may be done daily.

St. Tropez Hamper

Terms & Conditions: The giveaway will close at 9pm GMT 5 June 2018. It is open to Residents of the UK & Ireland only. The winner will be selected at random via the Gleam app & contacted via email. The winner has two weeks to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply in that time, a new winner will be selected in their place. Must be 18 or older to enter. St. Tropez is responsible for prize fulfillment. See full terms & conditions for giveaways on Cuddle Fairy Blog hereEmails will not be stored by me or used for any purpose other than to contact the winner of this giveaway.

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