Staying positive through the downside of blogging

I’ve written several posts expressing my love for my little blog, Cuddle Fairy. And I really do love to blog!! My blog has helped me get my voice back after feeling like I had lost it to motherhood. It’s also my creative outlet, a source of income and has provided me with an amazing network of blogger friends. I could gush on and on about my love for Cuddle Fairy.

But there is also the other side of blogging that I am not a fan of. I haven’t written about that side because this is my positive space. I don’t rant here or complain – too much anyway lol I know other bloggers out there are dealing with the same issues as I am because I’ve read their very well written posts on the subject.

What is this dark side you non-bloggers out there might ask? Well let me sum it up like this – there are people who don’t pay, people who don’t reply to emails, people who belittle your worth, people who take your content and use it as their own, people who hack your site, and people who are generally not true to their word.

It is easy to get down when these negative encounters happen. And I have gotten down on myself and Cuddle Fairy several times when things go wrong but I have learned a few ways to stop myself from going to a negative state of mind.

Today I’m focusing on staying positive because I have been barraged with emails and lack of emails exhibiting the stinking rotten side of blogging that let’s be honest, no one enjoys.

Since I know other bloggers are dealing with the same things, I thought I’d write about how I stay positive despite these situations. Other professions have their own set of annoying stinking rotten things that happen too of course. So these positivity tips would work for anyone looking to keep a positive frame of mind while faced with an unfair, upsetting or negative work situation.

Staying Positive

Remind myself of my worth. I am a worthy person and blogger. My blog has value and I have value.  I make a conscious effort to keep my inner voice positive and supportive. 

My worth is not dependent on what others think or do. My value is true and fixed despite the words or actions of anyone else. What they say or do does not take away from my and my blog’s value. Their words and or actions are reflective of their own opinion and that does not have any effect on me (this gets easier and more believable the more I say this to myself).

Devise a plan. Calmly decide the best way to handle the situation. I’ve found great guidance from fellow bloggers in deciding how to proceed so don’t feel bad about reaching out to someone for their opinion. But in the end, go with your gut feeling on what’s the best way to move forward.

Take the high road and stay courteous. As much as I’d like to rant my displeasure or frustrations via email I have refrained from doing so. I am straight and to the point. I am clear in what I expect. But I keep it professional and courteous. That way I have nothing to feel guilty or bad about. And I have had negative situations turned around in my favour & I think that if I had been rude that wouldn’t have happened. Before I send the courteous emails I vent my frustration by complaining to my laptop who always agrees with me…

Live and learn. Everything that happens either good or bad is a life lesson. I try to learn from these lessons and apply what I learn to future situations. I find comfort in thinking of things as life lessons rather than things happening to me or things going wrong. So I gather what I have learned and move forward with some new knowledge.

what consumes your mind, controls your life.

Replace every negative thought with a positive one.

Final Thoughts

The pros of blogging far outweigh the cons and I remind myself of this when I have shocking days with negative situations to deal with. I find comfort in focusing on a positive mindset. But I do tend to vent my frustrations first to the laptop or to my blogger friends. Then regroup, focus on the positive and move forward with a new understanding and new knowledge.

Can you relate to the negative side of work? How do you deal with it? I’d love to hear in the comments. x

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