Staying positive through the downside of blogging

I’ve written several posts expressing my love for my little blog, Cuddle Fairy. And I really do love to blog!! My blog has helped me get my voice back after feeling like I had lost it to motherhood. It’s also my creative outlet, a source of income and has provided me with an amazing network of blogger friends. I could gush on and on about my love for Cuddle Fairy.

But there is also the other side of blogging that I am not a fan of. I haven’t written about that side because this is my positive space. I don’t rant here or complain – too much anyway lol I know other bloggers out there are dealing with the same issues as I am because I’ve read their very well written posts on the subject.

What is this dark side you non-bloggers out there might ask? Well let me sum it up like this – there are people who don’t pay, people who don’t reply to emails, people who belittle your worth, people who take your content and use it as their own, people who hack your site, and people who are generally not true to their word.