The GCap Review

I was so excited when Nadine – inventor & owner of the GCap emailed me about reviewing her product. In a nutshell, the GCap makes any bottle spill proof. It stretches over the bottle, then you insert any straw into the GCap & viola you have a spill proof bottle. It’s ideal for kids on the go.

The GCap is made from flexible & durable material that is BPA, PVC & phthalates free. They are dishwasher safe & each one comes in its own storage box.

the gcap 4

I’m impressed with the material the GCaps are made from as it is quite thick but also easy to stretch over the bottle top. The opening for the straw is two slits in an x shape to stop liquid from coming out around the straw in the case the bottle gets tipped over.

the gcap 1

To use the GCap, you first remove the bottle’s own top. Then stretch the GCap over the top of the bottle & insert a straw. It’s very easy to use.

the gcap 2

The kids & I gave the GCap a thorough test. We wanted to see how spill proof it really is. In our testing at home, I knocked the bottle over onto the counter & the kids held it upside down. We were all amazed at how well the GCap works. In all of our testing, only one drip came out – & I’m telling you the kids fairly tested it out!

the gcap 3

I’m thoroughly impressed with the GCap. I think it’s innovative & will be extremely useful when we are out & about. I wrote a post with tips for flying with kids. I talk about packing sippy cups for the airport & plane. Next time we fly I’m bringing the 3 GCap’s instead. I’ll buy a drink for the kids after security, pop on the GCaps & it will save packing sippy cups in the carry-on.

They will also come in handy for days out. If I buy drinks for the kids I’m limited by those with sports tops or juice boxes. With the GCap I can turn any bottle into a child-friendly, non-spill container.

The kids are truly delighted with them. They are impressed with how they work & think it’s really cool to use them with a straw. So a big thumbs up from the kiddie testers too.

You can watch the GCap in action in this short video. There is more information on The GCap website.


I’m delighted to host a GCap Giveaway! TWO winners will be selected. Each winner will receive a Family Five Pack of GCaps! The giveaway is open worldwide. The competition closes at midnight GMT on March 13, 2016. The winners will be chosen at random by the Gleam app below & will be notified by email.

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To Enter the Giveaway Simply Choose From the Following Options. You may choose more than one & may send a tweet every day. Best of luck!!

Disclosure: I was sent three GCaps for purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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