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I’m thrilled to welcome from Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes to The Happiness Series this week! Claire is one of my favorite bloggers. I had the great privilege of spending time with Claire at #BML16. She is even more fun & caring in real life! I know you will enjoy her interview as much as I did! Here is Life Love & Dirty Dishes on happiness…

1 Name three things in life that make you happy. And, please tell us a little about each one.

My Family. I guess it’s pretty much a given that my husband and two boys would be at number one. Obvious right. I think it’s probably a punishable offence not to put your family at number one. It’s part of the mum code or something.

They don’t make me happy all of the time. The husband always leaves crumbs on the chopping board. The big one can talk non-stop about Harry Potter for hours on end (I’m not a Harry potter fan. That’s probably a punishable offence too). And the little one, well let’s just say he’s just discovered the terrible part of being two. But crumbs, Harry Potter and tantrums aside, they make me happy to bursting point.

Chocolate. No explanation needed.

Being by myself. I am aware that makes me sound miserable and that maybe I was lying about number one. I wasn’t, really. But I’ve always been quite happy in my own company. I’m pretty cool to hang out with. These days that time is much harder to come by, so I appreciate it all the more. Whether I crank up the tunes, watch trash TV, or go for a mooch around the shops. It recharges me.

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2. What’s something you do to find your happiness when you’ve lost it?

Eat chocolate and go shopping. As shallow as it sounds a bit of retail therapy does wonders for my soul. As long as it’s not clothes. Clothes shopping is soul destroying!

3. What cheers you up after a long, difficult day?

Errr chocolate. There’s a reason it’s at number two you know.

4. Does your job make you happy? If you are a SAH parent, does that make you happy?

I’m a stay at home / work from home mum. I love being here for my boys and being able to do the school run. It works for our family, although the tough days are much tougher than I ever expected. After a bad day at work, I would come home and drink wine. After a bad day at home, I beat myself up for being the worst mother ever, have a big cry, and then drink wine. But ultimately it makes me really happy.

The work from home part is my blog. It’s tough fitting it in around the kids, especially when I have deadlines for clients. But I love it. It’s the best (paid) job I have ever had.

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5. Share a happy memory with us.

I was my best friends birthing partner. This was before I had my own children. But I got to watch her gorgeous little boy being born, without having to go through any of the pain myself! It was a very special experience that I am honoured to have been able to share with her. Surprisingly there were many comical moments, including the moment she asked me to get £5 out of her bag so she could bribe the midwife for an epidural.

6. Do you think money can bring happiness?

Yes, because then when you are unhappy you can have more retail therapy thus making you happy again. Seriously, though, I don’t think money equates to being happier, but it does equate to less worries.

7. Is your happiness influenced by the things you do or the way you think?

Yes. In my twenties, if something was making me unhappy I would just put up with it. In my thirties, I have less tolerance but more confidence, so I change what is making me unhappy. I think we are all responsible for our own happiness. There are definitely areas I need to work on such as self-confidence and body image. But I am getting much better at not letting other people affect or define my happiness.

8. Which would make you the happiest – a sun holiday, new car or a new job opportunity?

Depends on what you mean by ‘a sun holiday’? If you are taking an overseas holiday in the sun, then I’ll take that, please. If you are talking ‘A Sun £9.50 holiday’ I might take the car instead. Can I swap it for a shopping trip? I mean a holiday is great and all, but a new handbag is forever.

9. Which wine makes you happier – red or white?

Pink! I’m a rose girl.

10. Share a quote that makes you smile.

“Good friends help you move house. Best friends help you move a body”

I should add that I have never had cause to need help moving a body, but this quote always makes me giggle.

I’m Claire, I’m in my mid-thirties (37 still counts as mid, right?). My claim to fame is that I once spoke to Phillip Schoefield on a Going Live phone in. I know, awesome. I live with three boys; The Husband, The Big One (6) who never ever stops talking, and The Little One (2) who never ever stands still. We live in a Lego house. We don’t really, but we have so much of the stuff I could probably build one. My blog, Life Love and Dirty Dishes, is mainly about the amusing side of parenting, and life with small people.  If you’ve ever been wedged in the rollers at soft play, or forgotten the change bag the day your kid projectiles, you my friend are not alone.  Like anything in life, this blog is best enjoyed with tea and chocolate. Find Clare on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

If you would like to take part in the Happiness Series by contributing a happiness post or by answering the happiness interview questions, I’d love to have you! Find out more details on The Happiness Series Page.


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