The New Guided Experience at Westport House Winter Wonderland

If you are a long time reader you might recall we visited Westport House last year to see Santa. We thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Wonderland experience so we were really delighted to be invited back to Westport House again this year. If you’d like to read about last year’s experience & more about Westport House, pop over to last year’s Westport House review.

They made one big change for the 2016 Winter Wonderland & that is to make the experience a guided tour. In the past, families had a set time to see Santa. Besides that, you wandered around the house yourself enjoying the various festivities & activities. While it was a lot of fun that way, I found the new guided experience to be much nicer for the parents! You can relax & follow your friendly elf from room to room. If there is any lull in activity, the elf entertains the kids with games like “Santa Says” (a play on Simon says). AND there was no waiting in lines anywhere. It was glorious.

The experience began with a fun train ride from the carpark to the house. We arrived at the house a mulled wine reception. We checked in with our elf & before we knew it, the fun began!

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words so I created a short video of our Westport House Winter Wonderland experience! Join my family & I on our magical experience at Westport House…

What’s Included

All of the main events are included in the price of your ticket – the train ride, mulled wine, story time with Mrs. Claus, gingerbread man decorating (& eating), drawing, face painting, meeting Santa & getting a gift from him, making festive yule logs & a Capri Sun juice per child.

Optional extras are buying a lovely photo of your kids with Santa from Envisage Photography who is on sight to taking photos. Also, food & snacks in the Westport House cafe & rides at the carnival. The carnival is open all days that Santa is at Westport House. Note that you don’t have to see Santa to go enjoy the carnival.


Our lovely photo by Envisage Photography.

My Top Tips for Visiting Winter Wonderland at Westport House

  1. Wear coats as it is chilly in parts of the house.

  2. Bring a shopping bag with you to carry the toys from Santa & the Yule Logs – especially if you have more kids than hands (that’s something I saw a mom doing & will remember for the future as it was genius).

  3. Arrive ten minutes early so you can enjoy the mulled wine reception & train ride to the house.

  4. The guided tour takes care of entertaining the kids at every stage so you can sit back & relax!

The kids & parents from my house thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Wonderland experience at Westport House. We are still basking in the Christmas cheer & holiday happiness we enjoyed so much. It was pure Christmas magic!! The whole experience including snack time was three hours.


For more information on Winter Wonderland & to make a booking, which is essential, pop over to the Westport House website.

Update 2017:

Check out our trip to Westport House Winter Wonderland 2017 on YouTube. 

Disclosure: We were very kindly guests of Westport House but all opinions are my own. The feature image is courtesy of Westport House. 


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