2016 Blog Plans

As promised, here are my 2016 blog plans for Cuddle Fairy! I’m delighted with my blog stats for 2015, especially since I was only blogging for 9 months. I had no plans for 2015 except to post as much as I could, build my following, meet new bloggers & figure out the techy side of things. Blogging has been a constant learning process & I’m sure the learning will continue in 2016.I’d like to improve on last year’s performance so I have some goals & plans for Cuddle Fairy in 2016.

Blogging Goals for 2016:

1.  Grow my Pinterest following to 2,000 & have it as a top 5 referrer for my blog.

2.  Grow my following on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to a combined 20,000.

3.  Add to my youtube video collection & start building a subscriber base.

4.  Make a media kit & a site map.

5.  Start making money from blogging.