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3 Steps to the Job of Your Dreams in 2023

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A new year is upon us.

And with it, the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

Some of us may want to change our diets, exercise more, or learn new skills or habits. For others, it’s a time to focus on progressing our career goals.

But with an uncertain social and economic climate, coupled with the anxieties that naturally accompany job hunters, gaining momentum and motivation on your journey for change can bring many challenges. If you’re looking for a switch-up in your career, these are just a few tips to bring you closer to the job you want in 2023.

1. Know what you want

It might seem obvious.

But when we experience inertia in our professional lives, we can end up feeling overwhelmed by indecision as we choose our next move.

Knowing what you want doesn’t mean that your next career move has to represent a lifelong direction. Instead, it’s about choosing what’s right for you in the moment and fitting your role in with your short-term ambitions.

2. Attune to yourself

Get to know yourself better. Familiarise yourself with your skills and abilities, and gain the confidence to show off.

This counts for every part of the process, from your interview presentation to your CV. You can enlist the help of professionals like those at CV Writers, but be sure that the clearest voice in the document is your own - employers appreciate personality and authenticity.

Be aware also how company culture can impact your suitability for a role, and your happiness in a certain position. Don’t force yourself into a role that doesn’t feel right - instead, recognise when a place or role isn’t suited (or if it’s your perfect fit).

3. Know the process

A job application is all about putting your best foot forward.

And whilst there are many elements in a job interview process that you can’t control, there are some you can at least prepare for.

For instance, if you’re up against a candidate with twice your experience in the industry who happens to be a friend of a friend of the interviewer, there isn’t much you can do to sway the outcome. But if you’re up against a recruitment software like Oleeo designed to filter out the candidates who don’t fit the role, you can make sure that your application is filled out as completely as possible and illustrates the most relevant highlights in your skillset so that you’re more likely to stand out against the other candidates.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, make them work for you. For instance, for large employers, you can sometimes find interview tips from previous employees online so that you can anticipate questions you’ll potentially be asked, preventing you from being caught off guard when you least expect it.

If you’re planning a career change in 2023, taking the next step on your current journey or simply looking to shake things up, we hope these three tips help you wherever you’re headed.


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