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4 Best European Destinations for Winter Lovers

Do you love everything about winter? Does the idea of snowfall excite you? Do you enjoy the feeling of wind tousling your hair? Does the view of the world outside feel magical when everything is covered with a thin layer of frost? And not to mention, the stunning decorations for Christmas.

Have you admired the beauty of winter in your hometown so many times that it is now time to see how winter looks in a European country? If yes, you’ve clicked on the right article. You will be presented with 4 spectacular destinations for people who are not afraid of the cold.


Switzerland is a beautiful country with a great range of fun and educational activities to do all year round. The picturesque villages and the vibrant cities, like Zurich and Geneva, will keep your days full and your enthusiasm for exploration high. Switzerland is one of the eight countries that the Alps stretch to, so it would be a shame not to visit a part of this iconic mountain range in Europe. You can book your ski holidays in Saas-Fee, a beautiful village which is not only surrounded by tall mountains but it is also located in one, with Erna Low so that you can be sure that you will visit the best ski resort in the area without exceeding your budget. Whatever your skiing level is, there are pistes you can go and have fun.


Lapland is a region in Scandinavia, in northern Europe, that spreads across Finland, Norway, Sweden and a bit in Russia. Lapland is within the Arctic Circle. Since it is so high in the North, you have to be extremely mindful of packing. You absolutely need thermal underwear, insulated boots and jacket, waterproof trousers, gloves, scarves and hats. Besides the unspoilt natural beauty that you get to admire there, Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is Santa Claus’s hometown. You will get to see the man himself and visit his office.


Hungary is a relatively small country in central Europe. It is completely surrounded by land, and more specifically it is bordered by Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Hungary is the perfect place to visit in winter as it is possible to see snow, but the cold is tolerable. There are festivals, outdoor ice skating rinks, hiking places, frozen lakes and carnivals that make winter holidays there special and memorable. Of course, you should definitely go to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and enjoy a cup of coffee that Hungarians love so much, and visit the opera.


Germany is a country in the northern part of Europe, and it is bordered by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Germany is known for its cold weather and frequent rains all year round. It would be wiser to visit it in winter because the country transforms into a magical place. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas, and there are outdoor ice skating rinks everywhere. You can visit the spectacular Christmas markets, eat stollen, a holiday bread-like fruitcake with spices, and drink Glühwein, hot and spiced wine.


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