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5 Must Have Gym Wear Items

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Heading to the gym is excellent for your health. It doesn't have to cost a small fortune and you definitely don't need a huge wardrobe of clothing for it. That being said, some items are better than others for your gym exercise time. Here are 5 must have gym wear items to make your workout more comfortable!

(1) Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is an essential item of clothing for the gym. You may get warm during your exercise, but you will want something to put on after and a gym sweatshirt is comfy and works great.

When shopping for a gym sweatshirt mens keep in mind that you won't want the fit to be too tight. You want something comfortable that you can throw on even if you are sweaty and a tight sweatshirt will be more difficult.

(2) Hooded Tank Top

A hooded tank top will give your arms room for movement and full range to use the gym equipment and look stylish at the same time. And you have the option to pull a hood up on your head as well.

(3) Gym Hoodie

A good old fashion hoodie is one of the nicest items for the gym. It is comfy, warm and you can get some really stylish ones. When shopping for gym hoodies for men again keep in mind the size and don't go for something too tight. There are a lot of awesome choices over on ironpandafit website.

(4) Comfortable Gym Shoes

Having comfortable shoes is key and is often overlooked. You don't want sneakers to be too large or too tight. Pick ones that have good support and are the perfect fit for your feet.

(5) T-Shirt

A T-shirt is essential for the gym to keep you cool. There are a lot of varieties out there that are designed to wick the sweat away and keep you comfortable during your workout. And there are options that help with odour as well.

Besides your clothing, you'd also want a good water bottle, gym bag, fitness tracker and items for a shower if you have one at the gym. Happy training!!


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