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5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

Now that we can start getting outdoors again, it’s never been more important to think about getting your kids outside. Of course, you still want them to be learning something as they’re having fun outside, and that is why I have teamed with a Prep School in London to give you some ideas when it comes to putting together some outdoor activities for your children, both to do at home and further abound.


Is there a patch in your garden that you can have dedicated specifically for your child to make use of? Whether it’s making a little herb garden, starting a mushroom growing tent, or planting specific plants that they can look after, gardening is a wonderful use of time outside that can bring your child closer to nature and show science in action. 

Water Play 

A particularly fun activity on a hot summer’s day, water play isn’t just about getting a water pistol and going mad, there’s actually a number of benefits to it for your child’s development. You can fill up any container that you have round the house with water, drop in some toys, and let your child’s imagination wander. Playing in water can help your child develop their fine motor skills, as well as see cause and effect in action as they see how different materials and objects react in water. 

Visit Local Sights 

Whether you live, it is likely that there is something close by that is a sight worth seeing. Be it visiting a local farm, or heading out to the coast that is nearest you, getting out and seeing what your local community has to offer is very beneficial for your child. Not only will it make them appreciate where they live a lot more, but the variety of different sights can help them learn a little bit more about the world around them. 

Obstacle Courses 

Create a fun obstacle course either at home or out and about. Not only is it a fun challenge for your child, but it is a way that will encourage them to engage with their problem-solving skills, as well as getting them moving and keeping them active. 

Natural Art 

Make art out of the natural world with your children. Your garden is filled with lots of different materials for amazing art, you just need to get out there and get creative. Create art prints from fallen leaves, sculptures from twigs and stones, or make nature collages out of what is around and available. 

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