5 Simple Ways to Boost Mental Health

We have four systems that all work together to create our wellbeing. The four are our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Because of this, our mental health is really important. Not just for our state of mind but for our entire being. Our mental health has knock-on effects on our physical, energetic and emotional health. These four systems all interact with each other which means that having balance within our four bodies is essential to our overall well being.

There are lots of ways you can aid your mental health and in doing so, help boost your entire self. In this post, I’m going to give you five simple ways to boost your mental health.

Positive Affirmations

What we think we believe. And we can change what we think by using positive affirmations. Sometimes when you start out with affirmations, it can feel fake and like it’s not working. But keep going and give it time. When we hear ourselves say positive things over and over it starts to sink in. And our mindset shifts.

Here are some examples of affirmations to get started:

  1. I love and accept myself.

  2. I trust myself.

  3. I am worthy.

  4. I am enough.

  5. I draw positive experiences to my life.

  6. I trust my inner wisdom and intuition.

Talking about your feelings

Part of the Earth experience is overcoming fear and experiencing the great gift of self-discovery. Talking about your feelings is a huge part of this. But for many, it can be really challenging to dig deep and talk about our feelings and experiences. In that case, it can be beneficial to seek therapy to help move through emotions and to learn to open up.

Group counselling can be a benefit for people to receive therapy while also connecting with other likeminded people. Group therapy offers people the opportunity to create a support system, improve social skills, learn from others experiences and learn trust. Click here for more info about the benefits and cons of group therapy and find out if it is the right fit for you.

Stay Present

Our minds will run wild if we let them. Our thoughts when unchecked replay painful past events and focus on possible future things that cause us stress and worry. That can lead to anxiety and nervous feelings.

In order to combat these thoughts, bring yourself back to the present moment and focus your thoughts on what you are doing right now. There is nothing bad happening right now, right now you don’t need to be feeling the pain of a past event or worry of a future event. So let those go, focus your thoughts on now and the emotions of the present moment.

Eat healthy food

Because all of our systems are connected, our diet affects us on many levels. Eating healthy, clean, organic foods helps our physical bodies which helps support our mental and emotional bodies too.

A few helpful tips for mindful eating include:

  1. meal planning

  2. don’t skip meals

  3. eat balanced meals

  4. stick with clean, organic, natural, wholefoods

Give to others

When we give, we ultimately receive. By giving something of yourself to others, you stop focusing purely on your own mind, your own situation and can focus on others. When we give our time, it’s very rewarding and you will feel valuable and good that you were able to help another person. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

Let me know what other tips you would add in the comments.

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