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5 Unique Hobbies for Children

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With so many different hobbies out there for your child to try there could be all sorts of

options out there. Leaning on what your child is already interested in you can explore some

new hobbies that improve their confidence and development into real passions. Here are 5

you could try with your child that this independent day school recommends.

1. Hand Painted Art

This is where your child can decide to paint on a ceramic piece, a canvas, or some paper or

card depending on what materials they want to use. What is important is letting your child

have the space to make whatever they like with their paints and brushes. Your child may

really love painting and making, which is a great place to build a hobby they pick up on a

regular basis.

2. Embroidery

A classic with young people is embroidery, as you can make it as easy or as difficult as you

like. It’s a good chance to explore different ways of sewing or making creations as and when

you have free time. It’s something you can easily pick up each week, and even if you have 5

spare minutes your child can make some progress.

3. Reading

At a young age, children are imaginative and creative. Reading comic books or graphic novels as a hobby encourages creativity and promotes mental stimulation among young minds. More importantly, it can also develop a child's ability to empathize and socialize with their peers.

You can jumpstart your children's reading habits by searching online comic book stores for appropriate comics.

4. Bowling

Most of the time we play bowling with friends and family, but it can also be a real passion for

many people. If your child really enjoys bowling then you could both look for activity clubs or

groups that meet up on a regular basis. It’s very unique, and offers a lot of fun for children to

try out each week if they’re keen to pursue it as a hobby.

5. Collecting stamps

With any kind of collecting there can be a real craze behind it. Stamps come in all sorts of

styles and even release limited edition ones, which can make the collecting all the more

exciting. Have your child look into a range of stamps you can collect with others, and take a

look into collecting events where stamps could be potentially traded.

6. Gardening

To really improve a child’s fine motor skills, experience with the outdoors and a child’s

understanding of different smells, textures and sights, your child could try your hand at

gardening. It’s a good way of seeing your child’s appreciation for the outside world and also

to see the benefits of growing plants in your garden. Kids will love watching their plants grow

and see the success in them, as well as learning how to maintain them.

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