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6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel

There are many people out there who hate their job but they don’t quit because they need the money. Of course, this is totally understandable; if you don’t have money, you can’t buy food or have warm water and electricity in your house. However, being stuck in a job that doesn’t fill you with excitement can lead to serious mental health issues.

What if I told you that there are some jobs that can not only offer a good salary but also include traveling to beautiful places around the world? Would that match your idea of the ideal job? If yes, keep reading.

Flight Attendants

Of course, the first item in this list is flight attendants as they are literally paid to fly from one place to another. What is great about this job is that you don’t need to have any qualification or experience as airlines train their attendants. What they want to see in their candidates before they hire them is that they are friendly people who can make passengers feel comfortable and safe.


Do you enjoy driving? Can you drive for many hours without any problem? If yes, you should consider working as a driver. You can drive a taxi, a limousine, a bus, a coach or a truck and go wherever your customer or your employer asks you to, which includes national or international destinations. However, you should always be alert and make sure that you are well-rested before driving so that you prevent accidents.


There are many possible roles that a journalist can play. If you are interested in traveling to different national locations, you can work as a television reporter. One of the main responsibilities of a reporter is to go out in the world to gather and document all the evidence and information they need for a news piece. However, sometimes reporters are sent abroad, to countries where the channel does not have foreign correspondents, in order to report live on important events happening there.


Actors are famous for their unusual work schedules as they may need to spend a whole day filming and they usually have to travel to different locations, within their own country or even abroad, in order to film at the best setting possible. Equally demanding can be the job of a voice actor. When they get an offer to do a voice-over on Voquent, they can typically do their job online, but sometimes they are asked to travel to the studio where the project is being created.

Camera Operators

Similarly to reporters and actors, traveling to the location where the news or movie director dictates is part of the camera operator’s job. This means that camera operators along with the rest of the crew might be asked to go to both national and international locations. Of course, the strength to hold the camera and filming knowledge are essential in order to succeed in this job.

Tour Operators

Are you interested in history, architecture, arts, and culture in general? Do you like traveling? Are you a sociable person? Working as a tour operator might be the job that you were looking for. A tour operator accompanies tourists to one or multiple cities in their country or abroad. If you apply for such a position, you must be knowledgeable and you should know how to do extensive research about any place you’re about to visit.


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