7 Ways to Enhance your Relationship

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These days of lockdown can be really hard on our relationships. We are spending a lot of time with our partners as many of us are working from home. The extra time together can cause more arguments or tension.

Here are 7 simple ways you can enhance your relationship and keep it going strong.

Approach issues with positivity

No matter how great a relationship you have, there will always be issues that pop up from time to time. And that’s normal and totally fine. What’s important is how we deal with the issues.

Before speaking, try to take a moment to pause. And remember that leading with anger only ends in drama and with hurt feelings. So instead, make a decision to lead with positivity. State your concerns in a calm and even tone. And with respect.

Date Nights at Home

Schedule a night each month that’s for quality time together. You don’t have to leave the house to have quality time. You can have a favourite meal or watch a movie or play a board game. Just spending some quality time together is what counts. Remember to leave your phones and devices aside.

Ask questions instead of assuming

This is another great opportunity to practise the pause. Instead of jumping down your partner’s neck for something he or she might have done. Just pause and ask them some questions. Give them the benefit of the doubt, don’t’ assume what their intentions are or what happened. Give them the opportunity to answer and keep it a calm and positive space.

Share your feelings

Don’t keep things bottled up. By pushing down our feelings we end up resenting our partner and that often leads to a huge blowout. Rather, address your feelings and concerns. Be open and honest in your communication.

For some people, this can be challenging and intimidating to get started with sharing feelings. There are some online counselling services such as ReGain who help couples strengthen their relationships. With lockdown in place, online therapy is a wonderful solution for anyone who is looking for extra help. ReGain is changing the way people get relationship help relationship by providing convenient & affordable access to a licensed therapist online.

Create a routine together

Spending time together is great but it’s also important to spend time apart. Create a routine with your partner so you can find balance in your time together. Having meals together is a lovely way to spend time together. Again, remember to leave phones and devices aside for your meals together.

The routine can be anything that works for your relationship. Going for walks together, exercise or participating in shared interests are more ways to blend your routines together.

Express your appreciation

Saying “thank you” goes a long way. When your partner does something you appreciate, don’t forget to say those magic words. Sometimes when things are a bit tense, saying thank you or acknowledging your partner for the good person they are can make a huge difference and a positive shift.

Let go of the past

We can all be guilty of holding onto hurt that happened years ago. We are all changing and evolving as people. So let go of the past pain. Don’t bring that pain into the now and into your current relationship. Bringing up past events during an argument now is fuel for the fire and only adds drama and brings up past hurt.

Those are some of my ideas guys, let me know what you’d add in the comments.

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