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8 Simple Wedding Makeup Tips From The Top Make-up Experts

When you are getting married you want to look your best. Not only because you will be the centre of attention, but for your soon-to-be partner. And of course, your wedding will be documented in photos when you make your own wedding album, meaning that you will want to look your very best!

That means makeup, but how much of it? Here are some simple wedding makeup tips from expert beauticians who have presided over the decoration of many wedding party members!

Keep it Simple

Weddings are very dressed-up occasions, but it can be very easy to overdo your makeup, which can detract from your overall appearance. Don't forget, your hair will be immaculate, your dress is large and decorative, and you will be carrying a bouquet of flowers. Adding too much-overdone makeup into this scenario can make you seem insecure or unbalanced. Smooth your skin with a light foundation, enhance your eyes with a little liner, mascara and shadow, and give your lips a glossy tinted sheen – and stop there!

Waterproof is Recommended

As far as possible, choose waterproof makeup for your wedding, so if you feel the need to shed a happy tear or two, you can without ruining your face – and maybe even your dress!

Add a Shimmer

If you want to add a gleam of something special to your appearance, opt for shimmery eye shadows, blushers and foundations that make you sparkle like a precious gem. Not only will you feel wonderful, but it will look great in the wedding photos too.

Bronzer Works Wonders

If you are pale or sallow, experiment with bronzing beads. Avoid choosing too dark a shade – this can just make you look grubby! – and apply the bronzer just to the highlights of your face: your cheekbones, a touch across the forehead and perhaps your chin. In an instant you will look warmer, healthier and even slimmer, if that is something that you feel you need.

Harmonize with the Dress

Choose makeup shades that harmonize well with your dress. Pale cream, pastel or white dresses can be quite draining, and this can be worsened if you try to brighten your makeup too much, resulting in garish clashing effect that flatters no one.

Protect Your Face

Once your face is on, try to keep it out of the elements. For this reason, why not lay on a limo to whisk you and your large dress in comfort to the wedding venue, and then onto the reception? Check out limo rentals in New Jersey here, and ensure your makeup is pristine when you put back your veil to wow your partner.


Try out the makeup in the week or so before the wedding. Give yourself time to put on the full face of makeup, wear it for a couple of hours, and then remove it, checking carefully to see if you have reacted to any of it. And, of course, allow enough time to recover from any unsightly blotches or hives that an allergy might cause!

Kiss-proof Lipstick!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly! Make sure your lipstick is kiss-proof. The last thing you want at the most romantic moment of your life is a chuckle running around the wedding guests because your lipstick has smeared across both of your faces. Be sure to test this very important quality in your lipstick once or twice – or more – in the run-up to the wedding, so you both know that you can have confidence in it…


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