8 Ways to Spice up your Garden

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Everyone, at some point or another, has gotten bored with their garden. Sure, it looks beautiful, and you still remember all the hard work you put into it. Eventually, though, your garden starts to stagnate and you can’t remember when you felt excited by the prospect of working on it. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Those of us who are gardeners completely understand this phenomenon, and it’s more common than you might think it is.

There’s also the possibility that you’ve simply grown tired of trying to marshal your wild, chaotic garden into something manageable. Some people like wild gardens, but you’re more of a neat and tidy sort – you’ve just never managed to get control of the garden. Either way, it sounds like you’re in need of some help. Spicing up your garden can be easy, quick, and, most importantly, cheap. Here are our 8 tips on spicing up your garden for the coming spring.