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8 Ways to Spice up your Garden

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Everyone, at some point or another, has gotten bored with their garden. Sure, it looks beautiful, and you still remember all the hard work you put into it. Eventually, though, your garden starts to stagnate and you can’t remember when you felt excited by the prospect of working on it. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Those of us who are gardeners completely understand this phenomenon, and it’s more common than you might think it is.

There’s also the possibility that you’ve simply grown tired of trying to marshal your wild, chaotic garden into something manageable. Some people like wild gardens, but you’re more of a neat and tidy sort – you’ve just never managed to get control of the garden. Either way, it sounds like you’re in need of some help. Spicing up your garden can be easy, quick, and, most importantly, cheap. Here are our 8 tips on spicing up your garden for the coming spring.

Add some decking

Every time you’ve seen someone’s garden and it looks more civilised than yours, it’s likely that person has installed decking. This sophisticated wood panelling sits in your garden and houses everything from seating arrangements to flower adornments.

Decking is a perfect way to inject a little colour into your garden; you can even get coloured timber decking if you don’t like plain wood. Now is the time to look into this cheap, cost-effective way of sprucing up your garden.

As part of the landscaping process, it is important to get your garden level to accommodate the decking. This is a great resource on How to level a garden to make the job a breeze!

Grow your own spices

See what we did there? “Spicing up” your garden can be taken literally as well as figuratively. You can grow all kinds of spices in the UK – from coriander to chilli, from ginger to fenugreek, you’d be amazed what you can cultivate here on this sceptred isle. If spices aren’t doing it for you, then you might also consider growing your own fruit and vegetables, because nothing makes a meal more exciting than knowing you’re eating vegetables you grew yourself.

Consider Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby for anyone who likes to be outside and has a backyard. It is also a great way to learn more about nature and harvest your honey, which can be sold in local markets. Beekeeping is the practice of breeding and raising honeybees, which then produce honey and other bee products like beeswax. It also provides a great source of income for those looking for an alternative to farming.

Use edging

Edging makes such a colossal difference that we’re amazed more people aren’t using it. You can edge your lawn simply by using your lawnmower, and the effect it creates will make you fall in love with your garden all over again. It's simple to do but really adds to the Garden Decor.

Don’t just stop with the lawn, though; you can also edge flowerbeds, rock features, and plenty more. If you install seating in your garden, you can invite guests over to take a look at your handiwork and admire it as they eat or drink.

Add seating

Perhaps the reason you’ve fallen out of love with your garden is simply that you don’t really have a reason to be in it anymore. If that’s the case, you may want to consider installing a seating arrangement.

The simple act of being in your garden more regularly will give you a new appreciation for how it looks, especially if you’ve already put time into creating detailed flower arrangements and making your lawn look great. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

To keep everything neat and tidy, check out some patio covers that way your chairs and outdoor items will stay dry and like new.

Get creative with colour

Colour is an extremely important concept when it comes to planning a garden. If your garden isn’t inspiring you anymore, it could be because you haven’t properly coordinated the colours in your flower arrangements. You need colours that complement each other but that will create a zesty spark of conflict. Oranges, yellows, purples, and pinks are a great place to start. You could also experiment with deep reds, greens, and even black flowers.

Hang up a hammock

Nobody can truly love a room until they’ve slept in it. Obviously, that’s not true, but the feeling of safety and comfort that a bed brings can really transform an area. Try stringing up a hammock between two trees if you’ve got them. If you haven’t, you can always install poles in the garden and suspend the hammock between those instead. You could also put it up in your modified garden shed, a perfect area to rest on while protected from sudden weather changes. On lazy summer days, take a book out in the garden with you and let yourself relax – you’d be amazed how quickly you fall in love with your garden again.

Put up some birdhouses

Birdhouses are an excellent way to attract birds to your garden, and there are several reasons why you might want to do this. For one, birds can help you get rid of annoying pests if you’ve got insects digging up your plants or eating them (although you will need to be careful the birds themselves don’t get to the plants). For another, it’s just nice to hear the lilt of birdsong carrying across the air on cold and quiet days. Your life will feel nicer with birds in it.

Add lighting

We really can’t overstate the importance of lighting your garden at night. This simple act can completely transform your home, giving it a much cosier and more comforting air. Whatever kind of garden lighting you opt for, installing it and then letting your family or guests sit outside on warmer nights makes your garden feel less like “a place with plants in it” and more like an extension of the warmth and welcoming vibe that you cultivate in your home.

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