April 2016 at a Glance

I was so late to publish my March round up post that I can’t believe I’m writing my April at a glance post already! That month flew by! It has been super busy & also very fun!

The month started with celebrating our oldest son turning 9 years old. We had a Minecraft themed birthday party for him. We made a Minecraft board game together which was all my son’s idea. I wrote a post explaining how to make a Minecraft board game & it’s had a wonderful response! It is great to take a fun game off the tablet & into reality. It made our day when two fabulous bloggers tweeted me photos of their own son’s making Minecraft board games. They both look fantastic!

april 2016 at a glance

The photo on the left is from Queen of my Castle & the photo on the right is from Mess and Merlot.

Early in April, I had a girls weekend away with my sister in laws & my mother in law. There are 8 of us all together. We spent a night at the Ocean Sands Hotel in Enniscrone. We had this amazing view of the ocean from our room. The sunset was unreal!

april 2016 at a glance

It was a real treat to eat, drink, shop & chat without any kiddies for a night. On Sunday, we had afternoon tea at Mount Falcon Estate which was amazing – complete with bubbles. Bottom right is our elevator selfie.

april 2016 at a glance

We had a handful of beautiful days in April where we could get outside with sunglasses on! Most of the month was rainy so we really embraced the sunny days. The kids & I went off to the park one day, got ice creams & had a full day out in town. They said they felt like we were on holidays. And that’s what it was like! It really is amazing what a huge difference the sunshine makes to everyone’s mood & to what you can get up to in a day.

april 2016 at a glance

april 2016 at a glance

The big event for our family happened on the last weekend in April when our oldest son made his first holy communion. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. The children did such an excellent job during the mass. Our son carried a candle to the altar. After the ceremony was over, we had the family over for dinner & drinks. This was the first round of food. You can see his cake in the background. Thankfully, my sister in laws helped so much with the cooking & dishes. I really enjoyed having everyone to the house. The kids could play & we could relax for the afternoon & evening.

april 2016 at a glance

Our son has been wanting a Berg Go-Kart for years, his cousins all have them & they are a really great toy for country kids. He decided to buy one with some of his communion money. One go-kart among three kids would have been a total disaster so we bought an early birthday present for our 6-year old & a spare seat for our daughter – all second hand. Our daughter is thrilled with her seat! When the boys show off their new go-karts she says “look daddy got me a seat!”

april 2016 at a glance

The boys are off school this week so they have been flat out driving their new go-karts. It’s a great start to the month of May!

I hope you had a fabulous April too! x

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