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Caring for Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

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Jewellery is more than just a bunch of metal and gemstones, artfully combined. It’s a source of precious nostalgia; every time you wear (or even look at) a given item, you can trigger a raft of associations and memories. And this applies especially, to engagement and wedding rings!

The best-case scenario for most of us is that we only ever get one of each of these. Looking after it properly, therefore, is vital. Fortunately, it only takes a little bit of regular maintenance to keep most rings looking fantastic for decades – or even longer!

How often should I clean?

The surface of a diamond is covered in tiny bumps. When the stone is clean, these will catch the light and make the entire thing sparkle. When dirt and grime accumulates on the surface, however, this will stop happening. We’d, therefore, suggest doing cleaning every few months.

Before getting started, we should reinforce that before you take the ring off anywhere near a sink, you should PLUG THE DRAIN. Recovering a diamond ring from a drain isn’t always possible, and you’ll suffer enormous stress even on the occasions where you manage to get it back.

With that small proviso aside, cleaning a diamond ring requires just ordinary water and washing up liquid. You’re going to be leaving it to soak for ten or so minutes, and then brushing away the excess with a soft-bristle brush. Though an old toothbrush might do the job, it’s worth investing in a brush that’s built especially for the task. After all, this is an expensive item.

Drying Up

If you let your ring air-dry, then you’ll almost certainly find that water-stains form on the surface. Get around this either by using a hair-dryer, or by gently buffing with a lint-free cloth. Fortunately, the simple act of wearing a ring will tend to provide enough friction to keep it gleaming.

Do I need a professional?

A jeweller will have access to tools and expertise that you don’t. You won’t need them to clean the ring, however. What they will do is check the structure to ensure that the prongs are still securely holding the stones. This will make sure that the diamond isn’t about to spring loose and vanish.

Jewellers will also be able to refresh the special rhodium plating which covers a white-gold ring, and resize it if your hands have swollen (such as during pregnancy). If you need your ring to be resized, it is best to bring it to a reputable jewellery who will use ring clamps to ensure your ring is held securely during sizing.

When it doubt, it's always a good idea to check in with your jeweller if you have any concerns about the integrity or sizing of your ring. Or to have it get a professional cleaning done so it shines beautifully again!


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