Children & Technology

Our children are growing up in a world of technology. It’s literally everywhere you look! What amazes me the most of all, is that children today won’t know a time that information wasn’t readily available. If you have a question, you Google it! My kids ask me to Google things all the time. They start wondering how something works and next thing you know, we’re online trying to get the answers. And, in that respect, technology is wonderful! It’s a fantastic aid to education. It makes life easier in a lot of ways. But, there’s the dark side of technology too. It can really suck you in! It’s down right addicting; both for adults and kids. It’s easy to spend hours online, on social media or gaming, without even realizing it.

So, how old should a child be before they are allowed to play video games or use a tablet or phone? I think most kids have been handed a piece of technology before their first birthday. Some parents use it as a last resort when out at a restaurant (myself included). Others allow it more often, and at home. So, that leads to the next question, how much time is too much for a child to spend on a computer or game? Every parent has to answer these questions for themselves. There are no two sets of parents, kids, or families the same.

In our house, we limit technology. The rule is that each child may choose a piece of technology (ie: a tablet, PlayStation, Xbox, etc) when they turn 8 years old. We have one LeapPad that our oldest received when he was 6. It’s a really nice learning toy. But, I’m told it isn’t as cool as his friends tablets and games so he was really excited to turn 8 & get a tablet for Christmas. He is allowed to use his tablet for a half hour every evening. On Saturday & Sunday, he can use it for one hour. We are fairly strict with the time allotment but do make exceptions when he is allo