Cuddle Fairy’s New Look

I’ve been wanting to change theme & look of Cuddle Fairy for about six months but the fear of messing up my site in someway kept preventing me from going ahead. I never changed themes before, so the unknown was holding me back. Plus, I still vividly remember all of the hard work that went into setting up Cuddle Fairy in the first place (and all of the panicked emails to tech support). The thought of going through it all didn’t seem like fun times.

I thought to myself, I’ll make the change in September when things settle down. September turned into October when I stumbled across this new theme, fell in love & made the change without giving it any thought!

I have to say that I’m really delighted with the new look. In my opinion it’s more professional looking. The homepage is a lot busier. I traded a simple white space for a lot of colour & dividers.

“Design is thinking made visible.”