Dinner Party Tips

We love having people over for dinner. I want to enjoy visiting with our guests & not be stuck in the kitchen the whole time.  Here are my top dinner party tips to help your evening go smoothly! And, so you can spend time with your guests.

Cuddle Fairy’s Top Dinner Party Tips:

1.  Preparation is key.  Do as much as you can before the guests arrive.

a.  Set the table with place settings, glasses, salt & pepper & anything else that can be put out in advance.

b.  Have a jug/pitcher of water ready to go in the fridge.  I love to put slices of lemon, lime & orange in the water, it makes it really tasty.

c.  Have your wine ready to serve.

d.  Prep whatever food you can do in advance.

–  I peel & slice the potato & veg & leave them in a pot filled with water to keep them fresh.

–  Have the meat or main dish ready to cook.

e.  Make ice the day ahead.

2.  Choose a main course that you have already made.  This way you will be confident & won’t have any suprises.

3.  Opt for an appetizer that is no fuss or that you can make in advance.  My new favourite appetizer are nibbles that I have ready & covered with cling film until the guests arrive.

4.  Make your dessert in advance or buy one.  Then you just to slice & serve that evening.

5.  Have items left out on the counter, ready to go. Having what you need at hand saves opening & closing cabinets & looking for missing items. Some of the items I set out are:

a.  Plates, glasses, mugs, sugar, tea bags, etc.

b.  Kettle filled with water, ready to make tea or coffee.

c.  Sweets or snacks left in bowls covered with cling film.

d.  If you are making cocktails, have the ingredients left together with slices of lemon & lime.

Dinner party Tips

My Recent Dinner Party:

We had friends for dinner last weekend.  This is the table before they arrived – ready with cheese, crackers, grapes, nuts, & a knife for hummus (which waited in the fridge).  Below is my counter ready with glasses & a jug for cocktail making, chocolates for after dinner, sugar & a jug for milk to put on the table with tea.

dinner party tips

For the main course, I cooked my Ultimate Chicken Bake & I bought a fresh fruit & cream cake for dessert.  I really enjoyed our evening together & because things were done in advance, I spent plenty of time with our friends.  If I could magic the dishes away then I’d really be set!

Do you have any dinner party tips to add?

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