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Essential Stationery Supplies for the Upcoming School Year

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The start of term is fast approaching, so it’s a perfect time to start stocking up on school supplies. Your child’s stationery kit is perhaps the most important purchase to make as these are the tools that will be used on an everyday basis.

As the kids are about to start their school all over again, you must start buying supplies so that you child is fully prepared right from the first day of the term. As many places are offering sale discounts, so the early you start, the better it gets for you as it will also increase your savings.

There are many essential supplies to consider, but stationery is perhaps the most important of all. It is vital that your child is well-equipped to take on any task whether it is for art class, English or any other particular subject.

Here are all the items that you kid will need for the new school term. You can buy all of your stationery online, so look out for places with the best value items.

Ballpoint Pens

Pens are the most used piece of stationery in school. English, science, math, languages and all other major subjects rely heavily on writing. It is important that your child has a few ballpoint pens in their stationery kit – they could easily lose just one pen. Although you will always want a few pens in stock, do not buy the cheapest available as they neither will last the term nor will perform well.


Pencils can also come in handy. Students will use pencils primarily in art classes, but they can also serve as a good backup for a pen. They are also valuable for making notes which they may need to change as they can use an eraser.


Highlighters are essential for revision and reading important texts. They enable you to quickly highlight key sections and colour coordinate notes (blue for statistics etc.). Highlighters are especially valuable to those that are taking important exams at the end of the year.


Rulers are helpful both for measuring and for drawing straight lines. A good ruler will last a long time and come in very handy over the course of the year.

Protractor & Compass

These are essential items for mathematics. Useful mostly in construction topics, having these handy at home and school lets you practice at all times.

Files & Folders

Any kid can get disorganized with so many different subjects to study at the same time. Staying organized helps people focus more and succeed, so encourage your child to use separate files and folders to keep their documents organized by class. Following this practice ensures that no important document or piece of homework falls through the cracks.

These are the main items that you child will need in their pencil case for the upcoming year. Having a brand new and high-quality stationery ensures that the kids get off to a great start and are fully prepared for each lesson.


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