Five Times a Finalist

As Cuddle Fairy approaches her 3rd birthday next month, I’m quite honored to have been a finalist for five blog awards. Today I am thinking back over my finalist positions and what they mean to me because I found out last week that I am a finalist in the Mum and Working Awards 2018 – my 5th finalist title.

I asked you all for your votes over the past month for the Mum and Working Awards and I thank you so very much for doing that, because these awards were down a to a public vote to get into the finals. The nominees were all amazing top mommy blogs so I know that many of you took time out of your day to vote for me otherwise I would not have made it into the final 5.

I’m truly delighted to be recognized as a working mum! It really has made me so happy to be a finalist in these awards!

I am a bit disappointed when I received an email which basically says if you don’t attend the awards you can’t win them.

The Mum and