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Five Times a Finalist

As Cuddle Fairy approaches her 3rd birthday next month, I’m quite honored to have been a finalist for five blog awards. Today I am thinking back over my finalist positions and what they mean to me because I found out last week that I am a finalist in the Mum and Working Awards 2018 – my 5th finalist title.

I asked you all for your votes over the past month for the Mum and Working Awards and I thank you so very much for doing that, because these awards were down a to a public vote to get into the finals. The nominees were all amazing top mommy blogs so I know that many of you took time out of your day to vote for me otherwise I would not have made it into the final 5.

I’m truly delighted to be recognized as a working mum! It really has made me so happy to be a finalist in these awards!

I am a bit disappointed when I received an email which basically says if you don’t attend the awards you can’t win them.

The Mum and Working Awards takes place in London on a Tuesday. As you know, I live in the West of Ireland and am a full-time mom of 3. As much as I’d LOVE to head off to London for the awards, I simply can’t do it. It’s not like I can just take a train over, it’d be flights and a hotel. Plus time away from the kids that’d have to be organized.

So I can’t go. Which means I also can’t win this award. This has got me thinking about my past finalist positions and blog awards in general.

Briefly, I was a finalist in the:

  1. Inspire Category for Brilliance in Blogging from Brit Mums 2016

  2. Best Parenting Blog Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2016

  3. Best Lifestyle blog in the V by Very Blog Awards 2017

  4. Best Parenting Blog in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017

  5. Best Parenting Blog in the Mum and Working Awards 2018

I understand that an award ceremony wouldn’t be any good if no one showed up but at the same time, many working moms can’t take the time or cost to attend. Out of the 5 awards I was able to attend 3 of them. As a stay at home mom who’s also a full-time blogger, time is precious and not easy to come by.

I am focusing on the bright side which is that Cuddle Fairy has been honoured with these 5 titles and regardless of winning or not I will always have that. AND when I get to attend an award ceremony, it is a blast, I’ve had a great time at the 3 I have been able to get out to!

The BiBs at #BML16

in dublin for the boots maternity and infant awards with one yummy mummy

Thank you all for your support and your votes for all of these awards. I wouldn’t have gotten to be a finalist of any of them if it wasn’t for you. So THANK YOU so very much! xx


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