Fruit Parfait with Yogurt & Granola

I just realized that I haven’t posted a recipe in so long! I’m a big fan of roasts & wintery dinners but in the summer, I love to eat lighter meals like salads, fruits & barbecued meats & fish.

I particularly love eating fruit in the summer. As a household, we go through a lot of fruit. It’s nice to prepare the fruit in different ways sometimes. I started making fruit parfait with yoghurt & granola for the family & everyone loves it. It’s quick & easy to make. And, it’s a healthy & delicious way to get some of your five a day.

You can use whatever types of fruit you enjoy or if you are like me, whatever fruit is around the house. Berries are lovely for the summer. We have a couple of fussy eaters who have a limited fruit selection in their cups. It’s handy when each person can have their own cup with their own favourite fruits inside rather than making one big bowl & then kiddies picking certain pieces of fruit out. So as