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Fruit Parfait with Yogurt & Granola

I just realized that I haven’t posted a recipe in so long! I’m a big fan of roasts & wintery dinners but in the summer, I love to eat lighter meals like salads, fruits & barbecued meats & fish.

I particularly love eating fruit in the summer. As a household, we go through a lot of fruit. It’s nice to prepare the fruit in different ways sometimes. I started making fruit parfait with yoghurt & granola for the family & everyone loves it. It’s quick & easy to make. And, it’s a healthy & delicious way to get some of your five a day.

You can use whatever types of fruit you enjoy or if you are like me, whatever fruit is around the house. Berries are lovely for the summer. We have a couple of fussy eaters who have a limited fruit selection in their cups. It’s handy when each person can have their own cup with their own favourite fruits inside rather than making one big bowl & then kiddies picking certain pieces of fruit out. So as I load the cups I keep each person’s fruit favourites in mind.

Fruit Parfait with granola & yogurt

Fruit Parfait Ingredients  

Fruit – whatever you have around the house, ideally organic fresh fruits.

Yoghurt – I use good quality organic yoghurt. Here I’m using Glenisk Vanilla Yogurt.

Granola – I use organic granola.


1. Chop the fruit into little pieces. If you use grapes, slice them in half lengthways.

2. Line up your little glasses or cups & place a layer of fruit in each glass.

3. Place a layer of yoghurt then a sprinkling of granola on top of the fruit. Continue this layering fruit / yogurt & granola. Finish off with a layer of yoghurt & granola on top. You can add a few slices of grapes or berries on top as well to make it colourful.

fruit parfait

fruit parfait

fruit parfait

fruit parfait

fruit parfait

I’m not fussy about making perfect layers or being particularly neat about it. Just add wholesome ingredients & it will taste delicious. Fruit parfait makes a lovely addition to a summer barbecue.

What do you enjoy eating in the summer? Have you ever made your own fruit parfait? x

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