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How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

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How often do you go out in a gorgeous pair of heels looking great and feeling great, only to ten minutes later feel terrible because your feet are absolutely throbbing? It happens to so many ladies and many just accept it as the price we have to pay in order to look good. However, there are various things you can do in order to allow your feet to have a more comfortable night out, and there a few basic and some would say obvious things that we all forgot to follow. 

First of all, you need to make sure the high heels you have purchased fit perfectly, sounds obvious doesn’t it? Well, you would not believe how many women wear heels that do not actually fit. If your shoes are too tight then obviously they will rub into your skin and cause great pain and even cuts. If they are too big, your feet will be slipping and sliding and this will cause pain when walking also.

Try and choose heels that are not too narrow. This is not as hard nowadays as thick heels are really in fashion. Stilettoes may look good and feel extremely sexy but there is nothing sexy about a broken ankle. The thicker the heel the more support you will have and the more steady you will be on your feet, resulting in less chance of falling over and less chance of hurting yourself. 

We all love a bargain but cheap heels tend to be less secure and much more uncomfortable. Thus if you can afford to spend a few extra pounds on your comfort heels then I would certainly advise it because the benefits are substantial. In fact, you will probably save money in the long run because these heels will have a greater chance of lasting longer. 

You will often see footpads advertised on the TV and on the internet and there are lots of different types available in many stores. I would highly recommend using these, and the jelly ones are extremely good in particular. They help to give your feet a soft cushion and a more comfortable experience whilst walking. In addition to this, there are also ones that help to diminish the chance of getting blisters.

Finally, practice your posture. If you do not walk in a straight line then your feet are going to hurt much more and you will also find that the base of your heel will wear in an uneven manner so the more you are walking the more uncomfortable you will feel like your shoes will be on a slant making it difficult to balance properly. 

All in all, there is no magic cure to stopping your feet from hurting in high heels but these tips can surely help. They will make sure you last the night longer and you do not have to fear stepping out of your front door and experiencing the pain of your uncomfortable heels straight from the get-go.


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