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How to Help Your Foster Child Make New Social Connections

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Do you have a foster child in your care who has recently been placed with you? Whether it has only been a few days or a few weeks, there’s no doubt you’re working hard to make them feel as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings. Part of that is helping your foster child to make new social connections because friends will most definitely enhance their lives. So, what are the best steps foster carers can take to ensure their new foster child is settling in and making a strong circle of friends? Here are some tips you can use.

Work on Boosting Their Confidence

One thing that can help a child to make friends is for them to have self-confidence. This is where a foster carer can be incredibly important, as you can boost your foster child’s confidence so that they feel more self-assured in social situations. It may give them the push they need to introduce themselves to others and join in with a group of kids.

Building a child's self-esteem doesn't have to be difficult or confusing; it's just a matter of highlighting all their great features and encouraging them to be themselves.

Try Role Playing - Walk Them Through the Situation

If your foster child is unsure of how to approach kids they don't know, another tip is to try role modeling at home. Teach them some simple icebreakers, the importance of introducing themselves, and when are the best times to talk to new people, such as break time at school. Role-playing can help take the fear out of the situation, which will better prepare your foster child for the real-life experience.

Set Up Play Dates with Other Parents

Here’s a really easy way for them to meet friends, and that’s to set up play dates with any parents in your social circle. Try to find friends/family members who have kids in the same age group and set up a fun activity. Choose something that keeps kids busy and engaged so it gives them something to focus on. That can help the conversation to flow a little easier.

Some great locations for a play date can include:

Be sure to also look into any family-friendly local festivals, fairs or events that may be taking place.

Look into Social Events Hosted by Your Fostering Agency

Finally, be sure to look into any social events hosted by your fostering agency. If you are fostering in Glasgow, you’ll find a wide array of family events held by the local fostering agencies that are perfect for socialising and getting to know other foster families. The children will have a chance to connect with others their age all while having a great time.

The goal should be to create a fun and light environment wherein your foster child feels the confidence to get out there, make new friends and start building their social circle. These tips can aid in the process.


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