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How to keep your Netflix recommendations to shows you really want to see!

I recently wrote a post with some really cool Netflix Hacks that are useful for parents. I had a lot of wonderful feedback from the post and a good few questions about Netflix recommendations and people being recommended shows they aren’t interested in. So I have touched base with my Netflix guru and have some solutions for you!!

In a nutshell, Netflix takes note of everything you watch on your profile. And then they recommend you new shows based on what you have watched.

So if the kids or your partner watch their favourite shows on your Netflix profile, your recommendations are going to get messed up. They are going to start showing you suggestions you might not be interested in yourself.  Like Peppa Pig for example.

That issue aside, I had comments from people saying they have separate profiles but are still getting recommended things that don’t seem to fit with their viewing taste.

Not to worry, there’s a solution to these problems and I have a few tips to make your Netflix viewing perfect for you and your family! So here we go!

Separate Profiles

First off, separate Netflix profiles is a must. Giving the kids their own profile ensure that their watching doesn’t mess up your recommendations. And it also ensures that they only see the type of content you want them to see.

You can be super specific or general with your profiles. One idea is to have a profile for yourself, one for your partner and one joint account for when you watch together. Each child can also have their own profile with limited viewing in place. Or you can simply have an adult and a kids profile if the kids watch together and you and your partner watch together.

For steps on how to set up profiles & a parental pin, check out my Netflix Hacks post.

What the Netflix % Rating Really Means

When you peruse your recommended shows on Netflix, you might notice a rating, such as 95%. There used to be stars but that has changed to a percentage instead.

That percentage is not a general rating on that program. It’s based solely on you! This was mind-blowing stuff at the Netflix Event in London as most of us had assumed that was a rating based on how many people gave thumbs up or down to the show.

For example, my husband and I watched Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, which is hilarious by the way. After viewing, Netflix has recommended we watch Jack Whitehall: At Large. That makes sense because we watched the full series of Travels with My Father, we obviously liked it so we would probably like At Large too.

So Netflix said Jack Whitehall: At Large is a 95% match for us. That rating is based on our watch history, not what anyone else thinks of the show. This score is unique to us, and indicates how likely Netflix thinks we are to like that title.

As you can see, what you watch under your profile is critical because it goes into the special Netflix recommendation formula.

Netflix Tips & Tricks pinterest graphic

Giving a Thumbs Up or Down

After you watch a program, take a second to leave a thumbs up or down. If you enjoyed the show, give it a thumbs up and if you didn’t then obviously give it a thumbs down. Every time you leave a rating you are teaching Netflix what you like and what you don’t like.

This feedback will help Netflix to optimize the recommendations they give you. Your thumbs up or down will be noted and that goes into calculate the percentage you see under recommended titles.

So it’s definitely worth ticking the thumbs up or down to get the perfect recommendations coming your way! Otherwise, Netflix is going off what you have watched, not knowing if you liked it or not.

How to Fix Your Profile after Someone Else Uses It

After learning about the thumbs up or down and the percentage recommendation that Netflix uses you can see just how important separate profiles really are in order to customize your viewing experience.

But even the best-laid plans can go wrong sometimes. Someone might watch shows you don’t like under your profile and all of your careful work leaving your thumbs up and down are flushed down the toilet. Not to fear, there is a solution – woohoo! And it’s super easy – woohoo again!

How to do it

  1. Go to:

  2. You will see something like the screenshot below, showing all of the shows you have watched.

  3. Simply hit the “X” to delete items from your view list!

  4. You can also see the ratings you have left by clicking “Rating” on the top right.

netflix viewing activity screen shot

Final Thoughts

As you can see it’s quite simple to have a tailored viewing experience on Netflix with a few simple steps. And if things go wrong there’s always a fix!

To make your Netflix viewing ideal for you just follow these steps:

  1. Have separate profiles

  2. Leave a thumbs up or down after each show you watch

  3. If someone invades your profile, go into your viewing activity online and delete it out.

Did you find this helpful? What are you watching on Netflix these days? I’d love to hear in the comments. x

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