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How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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It’s always tricky when it comes to the holidays. You have lots to juggle and not enough time. There’s work, the chores (and mountains of it) and the kids’ homework whilst they are away. You want to make sure that they’re still exercising their brains and sometimes it's not enough to just set them on a task.

They may get distracted, and you might physically need to watch over them. The key is to capture their interest. Turn their topics into something fun and which resonates with them. You will see that they understand the concepts better and are more motivated to learn. How do you do that you ask? Good question! This blog shares tips that we’ve gathered from speaking to independent girls' school in London.

Find a Medium

What you want to do is find a medium. A language in which you can talk to them. Have a think about what they enjoy and are interested in. If that’s football, you may want to use football analogies or find football-related educational games like a multiplication penalty shootout video game. The internet isn’t exactly short of ideas and there’s a whole parent community out there which can offer inspiration and ideas from what they've found useful.

Learning Styles

Children all have different learning styles so that’s something that you should also think about. How do they learn best? Is that through visual means, pictorials and watching videos? Or are they more hands on? There are 3 different styles of learning, and a simple online test can help you to work out which your child has. Based upon that, you can set activities and help them in understanding their homework.

Create a Schedule

After you’ve done your digging, think about a routine. Create a study timetable that they must adhere to. Rewards can be useful in making sure that they’re closely followed. It will also need to be realistic. Discuss when they would want to study and how long for. You must remember that they are kids and will want to do kid things. You don’t want to drain them by setting them off to do hours of work on their weekend.

Carry Out Learning of Your Own

Our fourth tip is to do some learning of your own. Children who perform the best at school have supportive parents that pay an interest in their work and the way to do that is to understand what your child’s doing at school.

Take some time to understand the curriculum. That way you will be able to understand what it is that they’re struggling on exactly and support them. There are also plenty of parent tutorials available to offer guidance on how to teach children topics and break information down.


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