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How To Plan An Adventurous Summer Weekend Getaway With Your Family?

If you’re wondering about your plans for this weekend, we understand the confusion behind such a decision. While many of us may have to go back to work on Monday, it may already be late to make bookings. Or worse, you may have run out of interesting summer ideas to keep the kids entertained. No matter what the reason, we’ve got your back! Let’s enjoy the summer while the sun is still out with these weekend adventure tips!

Top Tips for Planning your Family Weekend

Think local: If you wish to get your family away from the house on short notice, booking swanky places far away from your town may not be an option. Instead of being dismayed at the loss of time, you can quickly set up a quick getaway to the neighboring town and live at a nice resort or farm. At the end of the day, it is the experience that matters. You can turn this into a fun road trip where the family stops by beautiful stretches of land, scenic little hideaways, and beautiful patches of forests. Taking the long road home, you can explore nearby picnic spots to lay back and bask in the sun’s glow!

Catch a flight if you can: If your budget allows for a quick and luxurious getaway, surprise your family with flight tickets for the weekend and spend your time at a beautiful location. Since summer calls for a time by the beach, if you don’t live anywhere near one, you can go to places where you can appreciate the beautiful blue water and sandy coast. Alternatively, this is also a great opportunity to visit your relatives and loved ones who live away from you and make a weekend trip out of it.

Go to an amusement park: As children, a lot of our core memories revolve around trips to the amusement park. As parents, we wish our kids could have the same experiences since they are so consumed by smartphones, social media, and gadgets. Book a day at the nearest amusement park to make amazing memories with the children. However, make sure that you exercise all caution while boarding the rides and slides. In case of any accidental injuries due to the property’s lack of safety, contact a personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Since you put all your faith in the theme park management, any such incident must be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Take your kid's hiking: If your kids are outdoorsy and love nature, you can use the weekend at home to take them hiking. Many families enjoy the ritual of choosing a hiking trail and simply embarking on the adventure, finding cool spots along the way, You can carry snacks, water, and sunscreen to keep yourselves safe from the summer heat. All in all, make it a day trip so that you can come back home and rest plenty before the week gets started! For inspiration on hiking, look up the closest and safest child-friendly hiking trails online.

Turn to a camping adventure: One of the best parts about summers is how the days are longer and lighter. This is the perfect time to have camping events and sleepover with your kids, friends, and family. If your kids and their friends haven’t already planned their sleepover, invite them all for a camping event where families can bond over a bonfire, good barbecue, and music. Planning camping nights are relatively easier after you gather all the requirements, so make sure to create a checklist. There are several camping sites across the state that you can set off to and have the best weekend adventure.

Visit a historical city: There are plenty of historical towns and cities scattered across the country, and some might be close to where you live. If your family enjoys heritage exploration, or you wish to teach them different cultural roots, taking a day to visit a historical city will be an exciting event. You can make this interesting by playing pop quizzes, telling them fun facts, and also including lots of yummy food.

Attend a summer fair: Summers cannot be complete without a town fair. At these events, people from across the town participate, providing food, music, entertainment, and other set-ups to everyone who visits. There are also plays orchestrated by the town’s younglings, which makes it an exciting event for anyone attending.

Go on a family road trip: A family road trip is a great way to bond with your family. You'll be able to see new places, make memories, and eat some of your favourite foods. Pack up the car with snacks and a cooler full of drinks and fill up at gas stations along the way so that you are never without a drink. Secure some car accessories such as car mats and liners, dash mats, and seat covers to keep dirt at bay. Don't forget to bring some games, movies, and books for long car rides.

Final Word

Now that you’re represented not one but seven ideas to use your weekend for fun bonding with the family, we hope you make a quick decision and start planning it! As we said earlier, don’t forget to hydrate and use sunblock while having fun!


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