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How to Raise an Optimistic Child

It can be hard to remain optimistic in this modern world where we can watch events unfold on the news 24/7 or read status updates on social media at the push of a button. It’s important though to help our children keep a sense of perspective so they don’t come to fear things and so they can approach life with the confidence to take on challenges and cope with difficult situations. Read on for some tips from a private school in Hertfordshire on how you can work to raise an optimistic child.

Focus on the positives

Our biology might have hardwired us to pay more attention to negative events than positive ones as we seek to protect ourselves, but we can reframe our thinking and learn to view things differently. The next time your child suffers a disappointment or fails at something, encourage them to flip the situation on its head and identify the positives. You can make it a fun game to hunt for those silver linings. Make sure you model positivity yourself and let your child see you doing so when you face a challenge or a setback. Seeing you act in a positive way will rub off on them and normalize the act of reframing situations positively.

Practice gratitude

Making gratitude a regular practice in your family will help everyone feel more optimistic about life and more confident in themselves. You could make a habit of going around the table and dinner time and each person listing three things they’re happy about that happened during the day, or you could do this at bedtime to end the day on a high note. Keeping a gratitude journal might benefit your child as it will force them to find the positives in their day, no matter what went on or how they felt.

Promote problem-solving

If your child feels confident they can solve any problems they face independently, they’ll be more likely to embrace challenges and bounce back from setbacks. Let them work things out for themselves as much as possible while resisting the urge to step in and help them unless totally necessary. That way they’ll learn what they’re capable of which will boost their self-esteem and help them feel more confident about overcoming obstacles and rising to challenges.

Adopting an optimistic mindset will stand your child in good stead as they grow and mature and enable them to face life with a can-do attitude.


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