How to Use Twitter

Welcome to How to Use Twitter! This guide is for the beginner Twitter user. I go over the basics of Twitter and how to increase your following. For boosting website traffic and more detailed Twitter tips, refer to my Twitter Guide for Websites. (coming soon)

The Basics:

1.  Twitter is a fast paced social media network. Each user has a name that begins with the @ symbol. For example, I am @CuddleFairy. My account is public so anyone may view my tweets & anyone may follow me. You have the option for a private account, where people must ask your permission to follow you. If you grant permission, then they can see your tweets. If you are a blogger or running a business, the public setting is best for you as you want followers and want people to see your content.

2.  Each Tweet may contain a maximum of 140 characters. You may add a website URL and/or an image, which takes away from the total character allowance.

3.  If you want a particular user to see your tweet,