Keep ‘Em Quiet Travel Pack Review

We are just back from a lovely week of travelling around the South of Ireland. There was a lot of driving involved in this holiday. Many hours in the car which can sometimes spell disaster when kids are involved. Luckily the 3 kiddies each had a Keep ‘Em Quiet travel pack with them full of entertainment & tasty snacks.

Keep ‘Em Quiet are the ultimate travel packs for short, medium or long trips. Inside the pack are toys, activities, crafts, educational items, books, puzzles, games & healthy snacks – everything you need to keep the kiddies happy & entertained while travelling & on holidays.

The pack itself can be used as a backpack to hold all of the Keep ‘Em Quiet goodies as well as other items the kiddies pick up on their travels.

Keep ‘Em Quiet has options for girls, boys or unisex packs. Each of these 3 ranges are further broken down into age groups of 2+, 3-5 & 5+.  And then broken down again into short, medium or long trips. This allows you to pick just the right assortment of goodies to suit your children’s needs.

My boys are aged 7 & 10. My daughter is age 4. So the packs we received were two boys 5+ long trip packs & one girl aged 3 – 5 long trip pack. Keep ‘Em Quiet are aimed at kids up 8-years-old, but our 10-year-old thoroughly enjoyed what was in his pack.

Have a look inside the kiddies Keep ‘Em Quiet travel packs in our short unboxing & review video…

If the video doesn’t work for any reason, you can watch it directly on YouTube here.

Highlights for the kids with Keep ‘Em Quiet packs are:

  1. The Bunchems & fairy princess doll were the biggest hits.

  2. Having new things to play with in the car & at the hotels.

  3. Tasty snacks for each of them without having to share.

Highlights for me with Keep ‘Em Quiet packs are:

  1. The convenience of having an assortment of toys, books, crafts, puzzles, snacks & more arrive at the house without having to go out & source the individual items.

  2. Having a handy backpack for each child to hold their new things.

  3. The snacks all had good, wholesome ingredients. I was happy for my kids to eat all of the snacks provide – this usually never happens because I’m really fussy about checking the ingredients in everything we eat.

  4. I was also happy that the snack items in each of the 3 packs we received were all the same. This is critical when dealing with kids & because they were all the same, there was no fighting over who got what snack.

Keep 'Em Quiet pinterest

The toys & activities came in handy in the hotel rooms as well as in the car to keep the kids busy. There really are a lot of items for the long trip packs which was great.

There were two slight negatives to the packs. First was our daughter’s pack didn’t have Bunchems which was a big problem for about five minutes. Her brothers shared some of theirs with her & all was right with the world again. The boys didn’t mind there being different items in the packs.

The second issue was the quality of two items. The fairy princess doll has lost about half of her hair. And one of the boys building packs didn’t come with any instructions which made it unusable. Besides those slight issues, all of the rest of the toys & activities lasted really well & kept the kids happy & busy for hours of driving. I was really delighted to have the packs with us & so were the kids!

Follow our travels from West Cork to Waterford over the coming weeks – I have posts & videos coming up for the four accommodations we stayed in as well as information about the tours we attended & places we ate! For more, visit my travel with kids posts. Follow Cuddle Fairy on social media to keep up to date with the upcoming road trip posts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. xx

We were very kindly sent 3 Keep ‘Em Quiet Travel Packs for review purposes; all opinions are my own.


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