Keeping the Kiddies Safe from Household Dangers with Fairy Non Bio

*This post is in collaboration with Fairy Non Bio.

As a mother of three little kiddies, safety in and around the home is an important issue for me. My little explorers are curious just like all children are. And that curiosity starts from the time they are babies. Unfortunately, sometimes discovering the world around them can lead to accidents.

One of the best ways to spot potential dangers around the home is to get down on your hands and knees to see the house from the kiddies point of view. As they get older, their point of view gets taller and new dangers can come into their reach.

Viewing your home at your child’s level can show you how inviting potentially dangerous items and areas look to a child. On each area of the home, ask yourself: is there anything that could be a potential interest to and danger to a child? Things like pots on the stove or cleaning products in the press can be enticing for a child to grab onto.

The HSE further discusses this technique of checking the home for possible dangers & has a wonderful child safety checklist with ways to prevent injury around the house.

Safety in My House

Until last year, I had child locks on all of my kitchen cabinets, safety plugs in all sockets and a stair gate guarding the stairs. I also never kept ornaments on the windows or in potential reach of the kiddies. With three kids, we were in full toddler lockdown mode for the past ten years!

Our daughter, being a super spy, used to stand next to me and watch when I’d open the kitchen cabinets. She would stick her face right next to the opening so she could see how I opened the child lock. I tried to block her view but it was no use. In no time, she had learned how to open the child lock on the cabinets at the young age of 1 year old! That resulted in us having to move some items to higher cabinets and to buy a new system that she was thankfully unable to crack.

As our kids have gotten older I have been able to remove the stair gate and child locks, but there are still so many dangers around the house that I need to be aware of in order to keep the kids safe.

new dangers can come into their reach

All children, no matter their age, are little explorers who are curious about the world around them. That often means feeling and tasting whatever they can get their hands on. That puts ordinary household items on the list of potential household dangers.

Items such as medicines, vitamins, cleaning products, and laundry products including liquitabs can be dangerous in the hands of small children.  To properly safeguard the kids from getting their hands on these types of products, Keep Caps From Kids recommends that you store your laundry detergent capsules on a high shelf, in a closed cupboard & with a safety lock.

Liquitabs, are like any other household product and can be dangerous in the hands of little ones. That’s why Fairy Non Bio is on a mission to raise awareness on how to safely store liquitabs at home away from children. Not only does Fairy Non Bio recommend keeping their products up, properly closed & out of the reach of children. They have also launched a NEW Family Pack with a child-lock system.

I was really thrilled when Fairy Non Bio contacted me about working together. I have used Fairy Non Bio for years so I’m happy to see that they are taking measures to help keep kids safe. Fairy Non Bio recommends that you take these three vital steps when storing your detergent:

keep them up  –  keep them closed  –  keep them safe

Fairy Non Bio’s enhanced child-lock system has been designed to be extremely challenging for children to open but easy for parents to master. It’s a smart locking system that you can see in action in my video below. I feel comfortable using Fairy Non Bio’s new pack & I love the fresh smell from the liquitabs.

Join me in My home

Join me as I show you around my house, explain the potential dangers & how to avoid them. Plus you can see the new Fairy Non Bio pack in action and see how the new safety lock works!

You can also watch the video directly on YouTube here.

Final Thoughts

Safety is an issue for children of all ages. Both in and out of the home. It’s important to keep potentially dangerous items out of the reach of the kiddies. And to follow HSE safety guidelines to make the home a safe and secure place for little ones to play, learn and explore.

Fairy Non Bio recommends keeping their products up, properly closed & out of the reach of children. Their new Family Pack with a child-lock system provides an additional security measure for families.

To learn more about the Fairy Non Bio campaign, visit: Super Savvy Me

For more advice on the safe storage of liquitabs, visit: Keep Caps From Kids

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