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Lovely Thing 2

I’m back for the second month of Laura’s Lovely Things Linky. My lovely thing this month was crafting with my two sons. Every weekend we do some kind of crafts. Our favourites are often made from cereal boxes. My 5-year-old made his own Match Attax card. My 8-year-old made a mobile phone. I traced & cut out the card/my phone from the cereal box. I trace & cut two pieces per item. The boys glue the two pieces together so that the shiny cereal box material is on the inside, leaving grey cardboard on both sides to draw on. They enjoy making these types of crafts and then have a great time playing with them! It promotes creativity and it’s lovely quality time with them.


Another lovely craft was with perler beads. My 5-year-old made me a love heart (ahhhh – so sweet).  He asked what my favourite colours were so he could put them in the heart. My 8-year-old made the Chevrolet symbol from his Man United jersey. Both very original ideas.

Stop by Laura’s blog for more lovely things!

Lovely Things

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