Maternity leave: How to ease back into work

I have a guest post on the blog today from CV-Library, with some great tips for moms going back to work. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Yes, that time has come. You’ve spent the last twelve months staring lovingly at your new little one, but now the time has arrived for you to head back to work. While it may seem daunting, returning to the workplace doesn’t mean you have to have a bad case of the baby blues.

This could, in fact, be an exciting new opportunity for you to discover the successful new you. The one that can juggle play-dates and baby groups and still succeed at your career. Read on to find out how you can ease back into work after maternity leave.

Catch up with a colleague

Spending that much time away from work can feel a little bit isolating. Why not arrange a catch up with a colleague before you’re due to start. This