Meet My Intern

Yes, you read the title correctly – Cuddle Fairy has an intern. I feel so proud to share this with you. And I know that if you are a blogger, then you are probably so jealous right now (lol). My intern is also a really good friend of mine who’s studying marketing in college. He is using Cuddle Fairy for his class project. I can’t tell you how honored I was when he asked if he could do an internship with me – in my kitchen. So now, it’s Cuddle Fairy central on my kitchen island. It’s so fun to have him here to help me out & also to chat with. I decided to interview Thomas so you can get to know him!

Without further ado, meet my intern – Thomas Moran!

1. So, Thomas tell us a little about yourself.

I’m really bad with things like this. Hence, I’m single. I’m a 27-year-old visual artist who’s based in the West of Ireland. I’ve decided to broaden my opportunities & go back to college for marketing. I’m proudly Cuddle Fairy’s first intern.