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Our 2-year-old daughter adores Miffy. If you’ve never seen the show before, Miffy is a cute little bunny who’s celebrating her 60th birthday this year. The bright visual & musical aspects of the show are captivating & fun. The episodes are five minutes long.

When it’s Miffy time, our daughter grabs her Miffy teddy & jumps on her favorite chair. She waves to the Miffy on telly & her Miffy teddy says “that’s me!” in a lovely little teddy voice.

miffy 2

When an episode finishes, our daughter calls “More cute little bunny!!!” If a new episode isn’t’ started in 10 seconds then another “More cute little bunny!!!” gets shouted & will continue to be shouted until the second episode starts. Happily, there are two episodes on in a row on Tiny Pop & we have some recorded.

miffy 3

Our daughter sings the Miffy theme song & does a little dance to the music. Her Miffy dance has two parts & it’s very important that you get the two parts right (I was quickly corrected with a scathing look when I did the dance wrong). First, you rock your bum side to side with a big smile on your face. Secondly, you hold your two hands up in the air, bend your knees & take two quick steps to the right then two steps to the left, much like a dancing crab might do.

Miffy 1

Miffy really is an adorable cartoon. I love the messages in each episode & the colors are bright & appealing to little ones. If you think your child would enjoy watching Miffy, you can find her on Tiny Pop at 7pm.

Disclosure: We received a sensory Miffy in exchange for an episode review, the opinions & love of Miffy are all our own.

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Unknown member
Jan 15

Miffy is a very funny animated movie that is very suitable for children. doodle baseball


Heather Rivera
Heather Rivera
Dec 04, 2023

Miffy is a highly educational animated film, the images in the film are very pure and cute, loved by many children. My daughter also loves this cartoon. skibidi toilet


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