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My Life Changing Quotes

I’ve heard a few life changing quotes – three to be exact. Each one really changed the way I think. Of course, I’ve heard many more quotes that have really stuck with me & that change the way I feel but these 3 really hit home! And, they have come together to shape my outlook on life.

The first quote I heard was when I was a teenager, it says – the only things in life you regret are the risks you don’t take. That really stuck with me. I wrote about it way back when for my quote of the week 14. It made me take more chances, to try what I wanted to try & to say what I wanted to say.

I thought about starting a blog for over a year then it was this living without regrets thinking that gave me the final push to do it. I didn’t want to look back & wonder what if I had started that blog? Or to look back with any regrets for that matter. Isn’t it better to try & fail than to regret not trying at all?

The only things in life you regret quote

The second quote I was told when I was in college & totally overwhelmed. A very wise woman said to me – sometimes you just have to say no. If you let that sink in – I mean really sink in, it is an amazing weight off your shoulders. Sometimes you just have to say no. You can’t be everywhere, you can’t do everything. Somethings have to be left. And sometimes you dont’ feel comfortable doing something – then just don’t.

I find this very applicable to motherhood as well. And to blogging. You have to cut things out & make decisions every day on what’s the priority. Feeling guilty or trying to be everything at once just leads to stress & burnout.

Just say no! There doesn’t need to be a big explanation involved. Don’t feel guilty. Life is too short to be overwhelmed or to do things you don’t want to do / don’t have the time or energy to do.

Sometimes you just have to say no quote

So in my 20’s I wanted to live without regrets & I had learned to say no. The third life changing quote came to me in my 30’s it says – it’s not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy. I wrote about this in my second quote of the week. In that post I talk about finding gratitude & the TED talk that I watched that put the gratefulness / happiness relationship out there so clearly!! I listened to this man & he changed my thinking with his words. He says: moment by moment we can be grateful for this gift. This gift can be your family, children, health, being alive.

You won’t find happiness waiting for great things to happen so that you can be happy. You find happiness by being grateful for the amazing gifts you have in life every day.  It’s the simple things we should be grateful for and in turn we will be happy. And I tell you what – it works!!

life changing quotes

Changing my mindset to focus on gratitude wasn’t & still isn’t always easy. It can be natural to start feeling sorry or bad about something or wishing I had something. But keeping this quote in mind has made me appreciate everything so much more & in turn has made me a happier person.

So there you have it – my three life changing quotes! They have come together to create my mindset of a life without regrets, of staying true to myself, saying no when need be & living day to day with gratitude. I wonder what quote will come along in my 40’s!?

Do you have any life changing quotes?


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