My Week at a Glance 11

Welcome to my week at a glance! I had an exciting time last weekend!! My husband and I attended a family wedding in Co. Clare. Just the two of us!! The kiddies stayed with a friend and their cousin for the weekend. We left early Saturday morning and were home Sunday evening. It was a real treat to be out with just my husband. We were able to stop by & visit family as well so it made for a really enjoyable weekend.

The hotel was lovely and situated near a gorgeous castle. We had a look around the Castle grounds the day after the wedding. Featured above is the tasty dessert plate from the reception, my chocolate martini from cocktail hour, the nearby castle & me! 🙂

My husband’s cousin Aine attended from Australia. It was so nice to see her and catch up as we don’t get to see her very often, living so far away!  We enjoyed a lovely evening, our meal, cocktails & dancing.


The kids had so much fun with their friends & cousin. They were truly spoiled and it was like a holiday for them. The rest of the week has been our usual routine of school, cooking, housework & blogging. I’m learning something new every day still and loving every minute of it!

How was your week?

I really enjoy writing my #weekataglance every week, and linking with these two wonderful linkys below. If you aren’t already involved, you should check them out!


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