My Week At A Glance 7

It’s been such a busy week! So much was going on. We had a couple nice days where it didn’t rain. The lovely weather really lifts everyone’s spirits. Happily, the germs have left our house (knock on wood!). 2 out of my 3 kiddies have runny noses still but at least we are all sleeping again! Woohoo!

The main excitement of the week was toilet training my 27-month-old daughter. If you’d like, you can read about our toilet training on day 1 & day 2.  The top left image shows my daughter reading the poop book. It really helped her get the idea of going on the potty. The bottom left is her new Peppa Pig knickers, which she was delighted with. After three days of trying really hard with lots of positive encouragement, we have put the training aside. She just doesn’t seem to be ready for the potty just yet.