Nothing But Review

Nothing But is a premium snack company based in the UK. Their healthy snack packs contain freeze dried fruits & vegetables with no added ingredients of any kind. The fruit & veg is prepared by freeze-drying where the pieces of fruit or vegetables are frozen in a pressurized container, allowing the water to escape. This means that the products keep their natural goodness & stay fresh. Only water is removed & nothing is added, hence the name Nothing But.

They have six flavours to choose from & all are safe for vegan & gluten free diets. The three fruit flavours are: Strawberry & Banana, Apple & Fig, Pineapple & Grape. The three vegetable flavours are: Sliced Beetroot & Parsnip, Mange Tout & Red Pepper, Pea & Sweetcorn. Each pack counts as one of your five a day.

We are big into healthy eating in our house. We avoid any artificial ingredients & stick with as much organic & natural products as possible. So, I was delighted to try a box of Nothing But snacks. The fruit packs went down a real treat with the kiddies. They are great for when we are out & about or for the lunch boxes as a convenient way to have a healthy snack.

It’s amazing how the fruit & veg retain their natural flavours. My favorite pack was the pea & sweetcorn. It’s handy to grab a bag of healthy veg rather than crisps or a different snacky food that isn’t as healthy.