Octagon 4D Flashcards

We have just played with the coolest flashcards ever! We were sent two packs of Octagon 4D Flashcards.  One pack is the occupation series & the other pack is animals. At first glance, they look like your average pack of flashcards. The animal pack has animals from A – Z beginning with Ant & ending with Zebra. The Octaland occupation cards have people with different occupations from A – Z beginning with Albert the Astronaut & ending with Zack the Zoo Keeper.

In order to make the cards come to life, you download a free app from the app store. Each type of card has its own app to be downloaded. Once the matching app is downloaded, simply open the app & point the camera at the card. The picture becomes a moving 4D image!

The kids & I are totally blown away by these cards. There is a lot of learning in them without the 4D but when you add the 4D they become amazingly interesting & modern. The characters move & show you their occupation.