Our stay at The Croke Park Hotel

A few weeks ago, my family & I headed across the country to Dublin for a match in Croke Park stadium. Croke Park holds over 82,000 people & is the home for Gaelic sports. On match day, it’s super busy with a vibrant & exciting atmosphere.

It was the first time our two youngest have been to Croke Park so it was an exciting day for us all! We decided to make a weekend of it so we could relax & enjoy the experience rather than rushing to & from the stadium.

We made our reservation at The Croke Park Hotel which is literally right across the street from Croke Park stadium. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

We arrived at the hotel the day before the match. There’s a carpark at the back of the hotel with an elevator up to reception level. To go above reception level you need to swipe your room key which keeps the room levels free from those not staying in the hotel.

Check in was smooth & easy. The lady at reception gave us warm towels which we really enjoyed. They had a lovely citrus smell on them. Then it was off to our rooms.

The Croke Park Hotel arrival

We had adjoining rooms for the night. Our room had a king bed. The kids’ room had a double bed & a single bed. Both rooms had a flat screen tv, mini bar, tea & coffee station, plenty of fluffy towels & toiletries. Each room had pencil & paper which the kids quickly scoffed up & enjoyed drawing on for the weekend. Our room was handicap accessible so the bathroom had a special setup. The kids’ bathroom was really nice with a bathtub & separate shower.

The rooms each had their own thermostat where you can set your desired temperature. We opened the windows for some fresh air which was very nice but it was too loud to leave them open for the night.

The Croke Park Hotel room

The adjoining rooms were really nice for the evening allowing the kids to go to sleep before we did.

You can see in the photo below just how close the hotel is to the stadium. The hotel is the building on the left & the stadium is on the right. So it’s as simple as crossing the road to get there!

We ate dinner at The Croke Park Hotel’s Bistro which is where I took the burger & wine photos below.

The Croke Park Hotel location restaurant

The food at dinner was very good as was the breakfast buffet with plenty of choices from a fry to fresh fruit & cheeses. The staff were all kind & welcoming.

The location is ideal if you are attending a match in Croke Park. The hotel gets really busy on match days so if you aren’t attending a match keep that in mind. For us, we enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere & meeting up with family & friends in the hotel bar. Even when the bar was very loud, the hotel bistro was quiet & relaxing which was really nice.

Our stay at The Croke Park Hotel pinterest image

The location of The Croke Park Hotel is really ideal & super convenient for attending games in Croke Park. Staying overnight made the trip more relaxing & having our car parked right there was really handy when it was time to go home. The staff were also really wonderful & made our stay comfortable & enjoyable.

We received our stay at a discounted media price, we paid for our dinner; all opinions as always are my own. The feature image of the hotel exterior is courtesy of The Croke Park Hotel. 

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