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Pampered Pets! 7 Pet-Friendly Spots in London

Travelling locally is great as you can travel with your pets – especially now that Brexit has tightened up regulations for holidaying abroad with your pooch – but not everywhere is accepting of animals, and it can be frustrating to be in a strange city, hot and uncomfortable, longing for a cool drink or cup of tea, and not be able to find anywhere that will let your dog in unless they are a service dog. But these London venues will welcome you and your dog, so jot them down and rest assured that when you need them, they will be waiting for your visit!

To the Castle!

Severndroog Castle stands in 77 hectares of doggy-heaven parkland, but this castle is different to many others in that the castle building itself is accessible to dogs. The downside is that it's not actually a castle: it's a folly designed to look like the gothic tower of an old-time castle, but your dog won't know that as they rush up to the front of the café to be served.

Dogs aren't allowed everywhere in the castle – the stairs and viewing platform are a no-no for health and safety reasons amongst other things, but it's an ideal place to pop in for a cuppa and a sit down, especially during one of the frequent summer showers that London is prone to.

The Parks

Most parks are dog friendly, but some are not – inconsiderate dog owners not tidying up after their pet have locked some gates against dogs so do check the signage before heading into just any patch of green that you might see. Regent's Park and Richmond Hill park both welcome dogs – and please do make use of the doggy-do bins that can be found within!

Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross

A rare bird, Coal Drops Yard, in that it boasts an array of shops which admit dogs. They not only admit dogs, they put on a Christmas grotto so you can pose with your pets for a seasonal snap to use as your annual Christmas card! The whole area has been revamped and tidied up, and there are plenty of facilities for you and your dog.


Take your dog on a trip down the Thames: Yarmouth Belle, one of Turk Launches five dog-friendly vessels and said to be the oldest vessel on the river, ploughs up and down the river carrying a cargo of excited people and their pets from Hampton Court to Richmond or Kingston.

Normally the kind of place to take small children to have their first – often hands-on – experience with farm animals, rabbits and the like, this park and farm is different in that it allows dogs to go along and admire the farm animals too.

Floating Cinema

Rather like the cruise but with a bit more entertainment for you and lasting long enough to take in the latest blockbuster movies, in this boat you are anchored, but fully in a private space that holds up to eight people, with or without dogs. If a boat is not your thing, you can always opt for a deckchair on the bank.


Just like the parks, London has many cemeteries that allow dogs to be walked in them, especially the larger ones that are set in parklands. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is one such dog-welcoming cemetery, although they do ask that if your dog leaves with a bone in their mouth, that you be certain they went in with it!

Now you have a number of options for entertaining yourself and your dog while in London, it is time to consider where you will be sleeping: sadly, many hotels are not pet-friendly due to strict hygiene and health and safety laws. However, service apartments are often an exception: check out the top 10 pet friendly serviced apartments in London here.


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