Positivity Week 9: Spread Kindness

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be presenting an aspect of positivity or mindfulness for us to focus on. These are all topics that I am working on myself and focusing on myself to achieve a happier mindset and calmer state of being. I’ll have a blog post each week and then quotes on my social media networks to support that week’s theme. For more support, join my Positivity Facebook Community. The 12 weeks will all be on my Positive Thinking Page.

Welcome to this week’s positivity focus. The weeks are flying by now! Thank you for the lovely comments so many of you left last week, I really like to get the feedback and am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the positivity focus weeks.

Last week we focused on finding happiness within yourself.  If you missed it, I suggest going back for a read. It’s a new way of looking at happiness and it’s a great way to stay positive and feel happy each day. It’s a beautiful relief when you stop searching for happiness outside of yourself!

This week’s theme is short and sweet. It’s something I’d like you to think about each day and that is – to spread kindness. That’s it! Each day this week, simply keep kindness on the front of your mind & show kindness to others.

Kindness is a beautiful thing. Let’s count the ways…

1. You Will Never Regret Being Kind

When you look back on your day, you won’t ever regret being kind. It’s never the bad choice to make. If you lose your temper at someone, that you might regret but not showing kindness.

2. No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted

No matter how small the act is, an act of kindness is never wasted. The recipient feels your kindness and you get to feel the joy of showing kindness.

3.  One Kind Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day

We don’t know what each other are dealing with mentally or emotionally. One word or act of kindness from you could change a person’s whole day. It could be just what they needed to feel better.

4. Showing Kindness Spreads Love Among Humanity

There’s no pressure to do huge acts of kindness, it’s the small things done each day that add up around the world. And the more people who do this, the more humanity will change to show love and kindness towards each other.

5. Kindness is Free

It costs you nothing to be kind. There are only things to be gained from being kind to others – both for yourself and for others. So sprinkle that kindness everywhere you go!!

I have some kindness quotes scheduled over the coming week so follow Cuddle Fairy below for your daily dose of positivity. And have fun spreading kindness. xx

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