Purseat: The 4-in-1 Car Seat that’s Ideal for Traveling

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Getting to see new products entering the market is one of the perks of blogging. Today I will introduce you to an innovative new car seat, the Purseat. The Purseat is a 4-in-1 product that’s ideal for traveling with kids. The one foldable product can be used as a standard car seat, then folded into a handbag for traveling or storage. It can also be used as a booster seat & as a travel bed!

Dutch start-up, Purseat has created an innovative new car seat that is easy to travel with. It complies with all safety regulations & when folded is the size of a large handbag. Purseat is also great for parents who are looking for a lightweight seat that’s easy to move when it’s not being used.

As a mother of 3 kids who loves to travel, I can tell you first hand how awkward standard car seats are to move around & travel with. Because of that I never bother bringing our car seats with us if we fly somewhere so we end up renting them.

Also, I’ve had many occasions when we need to take the car seat out to allow adults to sit in the car. It’s always such a production to move the seats & fit them again. The Purseat would solve both issues as it’d be easy to bring traveling & also easy to fold & put away at home or in a small trunk.

Watch the Purseat in action as a car seat easily turns into a purse, booster seat & travel bed!

If the video doesn’t play, you can watch it directly on YouTube here.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  As the Purseat creator, David Li explains…

My wife was developing back pains from regularly transferring large, heavy car seats from one car to the other. When we were traveling with our children, there seemed to be no easy way to take the car seat with us, which meant we would have to rent an expensive and often filthy car seat locally. I was also running a parenting shop in Amsterdam where we would constantly get parents asking us for car seats that were easier to travel with. 

Purseat’s 4-in-1 Uses

Folded Position: In its folded position Purseat looks like a hard case bag.  It can easily can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. It offers a handy storage space in the middle of the folded seat for a tablet, laptop, toys or snacks – keeping fragile items well protected. The outer dimensions of the foldable purse are: 40 cm x 36 cm x 19 cm (LxWxH).

Cat Seat: The Purseat is a car seat that is adjustable to fit children from approximately 3 to 12 years. The seat size is: 46 cm x 39 cm x 69 cm (LxWxH). It has also been designed to comply with all safety regulations across Asia, Europe & North America.

Booster Seat:  A booster seat can be separated from the Purseat for children aged 6-12. The dimensions of the booster seat are: 36 cm x 36 cm x 17 cm (LxWxH).

Travel Bed: The Purseat can be folded flat into a fully reclinable travel bed suitable for children aged 1.5 – 7. The dimensions of the travel bed are: 106 cm x 46 cm x 19 cm (LxWxH).

purseat 4 functions

Important Points about Purseat

  1. The product has been designed to comply with all safety regulations across Asia, Europe, and North America.

  2. Fashion savvy parents are able to choose from four colors: red, purple, sky blue and light blue.

  3. Product weight: approximately 6kg.

Available Soon!

The first Purseat will be available via Kickstarter on 8th May 2017, priced from EUR 212 to EUR 282. I’d love to try one when they hit the market!! Purseat is a start-up company looking to raise funds to build their innovative seats. You can support their project by making a pledge or also by pre-ordering a seat over on their Kickstarter page.

Purseat pinterest graphic

Keep up to date with Purseat’s developments on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and on their website. For more great travel tips and reviews, check out my Travel with Kids posts.

30/5 Update:  The team of Purseat is very happy to announce their product has officially passed the safety standards for Europe and China. Even though the product was designed according to safety standards of the USA, EU and China it still had to go through the necessary safety crash tests. Later this year the Purseat will undergo the crash tests for the USA, which based on the design of the product they expect to pass as well.


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