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Last weekend I attended the Galway Food Trail. It was an educational & inspirational day out. A group of us took a bus around to three local producers – Green Earth Organics, The Friendly Farmer & Galway Hooker Brewery. Each producer takes such pride in his work, it was a pleasure listening to each of them speak. All three have a passion for local, healthy produce. I’m still thinking about the day & feeling so inspired. You can follow my adventure on the trail & see all of the photos from the day on my Galway Food Trail post.

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We always try to eat healthy foods. I don’t buy anything without reading the ingredients first. We have cut so many processed foods out over the years. And, the more I look into the foods & drinks we consume, the more I find bad ingredients, harmful pesticides or hidden sources of MSG & other additives.

Take beer for example. I never thought that there was preservatives, colors or flavour enhancers in beer, but from what I’ve read, a lot of companies have these additives! The shocking thing is that there’s no requirement to list the ingredients on the packages. You can be eating healthy foods all day & ruin it all with a few beers. On the food trail, I was really delighted to learn that Galway Hooker Brewery looks at beer like a good food & the only ingredients in their brew is malted barley, hops, yeast & water.

I think buying local foods that are organic, free range & preservative free is the healthiest way to go. This quote sums that up to me. There’s no point having any bad food in your house because you will eat it! Throw it away & keep only good food.

What’s your food philosophy?

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