Revolutionizing School Lunches with EatWell-UK

I can’t believe we are a month into school already! We are back to routine and with that comes making school lunches. School lunches have never been a highlight for me or the kids being honest. They get fed up of eating sandwiches and I get fed up of making them. We end up with the same basic items that end up coming home again.

Lastly year I bought little containers to try to have more of a variety of things but have ended up with lots to wash and an awkward system of loading their lunch boxes.

So when EatWell-UK got in touch about trying their school lunch gear we were delighted!! My 3 kids each got to choose a new lunch bag, YumBox and water bottle from their website. For new readers, I have a daughter who’s 5, and two boys aged 9 & 11. Happily, there were items on EatWell-UK to suit all 3 of their tastes and needs.

Lunch Bags & Water Bottles

My younger two each went for the Montti insulated lunch bags. There is a gorgeous selection of designs. My daughter adores unicorns and my son loves space…and to their delight, there were bags to suit each of them!

The Montii lunch bags are really well made. And the shape is ideal to accommodate a tall 500ml drink bottle. Plus they come with a gel that can be frozen and a pouch for it that slides inside the lunch box and keeps everything nice and cool without any condensation. These bags fit a Yumbox and drink bottle perfectly.

Here are highlights about the Montii insulated lunch bags:

  1. Durable fabrics

  2. Quality aluminum lining.

  3. Thick insulation to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer.

  4. Easy to wipe clean

  5. Self-contained gel ice pack, independently certified “food safe”

  6. Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = No soggy food.

montii insulated lunch bags

You can see in my photos, the lovely unicorn and space designs. And see the lunch box open with a space for a name and address. Also, notice how the gel pack has a separate black bag that it sits in to prevent condensation.  And there is a special zip compartment at the back of the lunch bag that holds the cold pack in place.

My son used the cold pack in his lunch box a few times and it kept the lunch nice and cool and the ice was still frozen when he got home, with no condensation in the lunch box. This will be ideal for the summer and also for trips to the beach.

My 11 year old wanted a more grown-up looking and plain lunch bag and to his delight, he found a navy blue one in the Yumbox lunch bag range. His lunch bag is also really well made and sturdy. I could imagine a child in secondary school or an adult also using this bag. There is plenty of room in the bag for a Yumbox, drink bottle and ice pack or additional containers.

Some highlights of the Yumbox bag are the following:

  1. Spacious and sturdy

  2. Use with Yumbox lunch boxes. Carry 1 Yumbox plus either 2 x mini yumboxes or drinks, snacks and ice packs.

  3. 100% polyester tote bag. PVC-Free, BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free. Wipe clean.

minotti bottles and bags

So in the photo above, my oldest’s Yumbox lunchbag is the one on the right. He’s thrilled with it. They each chose a Montii water bottle. I’m a big fan of bottles for life and these are that kind of bottle. There is too much single use plastic out there. And in terms of a bottle for life, I’d prefer to use stainless steel one rather than plastic.

Some highlights of the Montii drink bottles are:

  1. 600ml capacity

  2. 24 hours cooling

  3. Wide mouth opening (4.7cm) – making it easy to add ice cubes for uber cold drinks!

  4. Double walled stainless steel

  5. Stylish bamboo lid. Screw to open.

  6. Bright, fun colours in a scratch and dent resistant finish

  7. NO plastic that comes into contact with our drink (Silicone seal only)


The Yumboxes have already revolutionized our school lunch experience! First, I am finding it fun to pack a variety of healthy foods into the Yumboxes. They look so appetizing and pretty. Second, the kids are loving eating them! My 11 year old said it was like having your own snack tray at the cinema!

Their friends at school are very interested in the Yumboxes and new lunch bags. They have been such a hit! I feel really great about the lunches that are heading to school and even happier that the kids are eating them all! It encourages a variety of foods for a balanced diet.

Plus, it’s one tray to clean up. The inside of the Yumbox can go in the dishwasher which is really handy. And the outside section easily wipes down.

Here are the lunch sets for each of my 3 kiddies! The Yumbox & Montii bottles fit into each bag.

montii lunch bags, bottles, yumboxes

A few highlights about the Yumboxes include:

  1. A LEAK-PROOF SINGLE LID – the silicone lined lid seals all compartments in one move making Yumbox leak-proof for yogurts and dips

  2. BALANCE & PORTION CONTROL – the pre-portioned and illustrated tray guides you to pack a healthy, balanced lunch

  3. A GREEN DESIGN – the air-tight compartments eliminate the need for plastic bags and cling-film making your lunches waster free

  4. DISHWASHER AND FOOD SAFE – all materials used in production are food safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free

  5. STYLISH AND PRACTICAL – Yumbox not only looks great but is suitable for storing food in the fridge overnight and also dishwasher proof for that all important post lunch clean-up!

  6. CHILD FRIENDLY – Yumbox is compact and sturdy and the latch is easy for children to open. T

  7. EDUCATIONAL AND FUN – with is fun illustrations children (and adults) are reminded about portion control and the importance of a healthy variety of food group.

Final Thoughts

We couldn’t be happier with our new school lunch gear. The Yumboxes are allowing a variety of foods which is encouraging the kids to actually enjoy and eat their lunches. The Montii and Yumbox lunch bags are well made, sturdy and stylish. And the water bottles are leakproof and look great too. All of the items are excellent quality and super cute too. The kids and I really couldn’t be happier with them.

Check out a huge variety of lunch gear and much more on EatWell-UK. They ship to the UK & Ireland and have loads of items to choose from.

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