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Romantic Break Ideas to Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship

The best excuse to get away is for a little alone time with your loved one. If the trip to Aldi every weekend simply isn’t doing it anymore, maybe you need to set your sights a little further. Take a look at our ideas for the most romantic destinations for 2022.

Waitomo, New Zealand

For something quite literally off the beaten path, you should head to New Zealand to see the famed glowworm caves. Native to New Zealand, the cave fills with Arachnocampa Luminosa, which turn a dark cave into a light show, like looking into the galaxies of space.

For a different romantic experience, you can hop aboard a boat through the “grotto” chambers and see the glowworms up close.

And don’t worry if you drop your wallet in the water. You can get travel insurance for your trip with a decent insurance provider to cover you in such cases.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The best romantic getaways are in the cold, and that isn’t to be argued. It gives you an excuse to get a lot closer. Even if the idea of the cold gives you the shivers in a bad way, you might be surprised just how cosy Iceland can be.

The famed hot springs are just the beginning. Take a dip in waters that are surrounded by snow but feel like a freshly drawn bath and look around. The surrounding mountains are interspersed with slumbering volcanoes, while a crisp ocean breeze whistles through.

The accommodation in Iceland can be something new too. There are resorts, yes, where the hotels are much the same as the type you would find in Barcelona, for example, but if you were to spring for something a little more private, you could get a cabin to yourself with a roaring fireplace, or even go for one of the igloos with the glass rooftops so that you can watch the Northern Lights from your bed.

Paris, France

Yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s a cliché for a reason – for a lot of reasons. There are many sides to Paris. There is the historical relevance, bringing about thoughts of revolutions when looking at Notre Dame, the artistic relevance with the Mona Lisa herself smiling from the Louvre, and its title as the “fashion capital of the world”, so there are lots of reasons to have a visit to Paris as your romantic getaway.

Walk down the cobbled stones that Van Gogh painted, through the streets that hide that little restaurant you will never find again, down the river Seine under the stars, and enjoy all that happens in this bustling city. Even if you were to forgo a trip up the iconic Eiffel Tower, a wander around the Louvre or stopping at Coco Chanel’s boutique, the romance of Paris is dripping from the city itself. It’s in the intricate architecture, the luxurious food, and the oddly calm people for city life, like they haven’t care in the world.

Kyoto, Japan

As your geography teacher will tell you, Japan has many climates. It almost leads a double life as the overly cramped and neon-lit Tokyo city and the beautiful natural and traditional surroundings of the rest of the little island.

Kyoto is a particularly beautiful escape. Colour drips from every corner of this city. Wander through cherry blossoms on the side of a still lake towards one of the ancient temples. Or board the Sagano Scenic Railway, which will chug peacefully through the natural wonders of the western side of the city for you to absorb.

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5 Σχόλια

04 Απρ 2022

Literally would love to go to any of these places (although have been to Pairs a few times but would always go back!) on my own or with someone else!!

Laura x

Μου αρέσει

29 Μαρ 2022

I have always wanted to go to Japan, however, Iceland is more in our budget! I keep seeing people recommend it - so maybe we will go there. - Jupiter (

Μου αρέσει

28 Μαρ 2022

Wow, I wish my husband and I go to this places. We are planning to go to Brazil this year.

Risa Lopez

Μου αρέσει

27 Μαρ 2022

I've been to Paris and it is amazing. Next romantic destination is Japan, I can't can't wait.

Μου αρέσει

26 Μαρ 2022

These all seem like such amazing locations for a romantic getaway! And these just happen to be places where i've wanted to go

Μου αρέσει

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